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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


She opened the door to our house and then lock it properly, only her husband is still awake and then she told me to go to the dinning and eat, I walk there and saw some foods covered with plates, I open and saw rice which I devour, I heard Ria talking to her husband maybe telling him that I agreed to work for them, I finish eating and took the plates to the kitchen, I return to the sitting room where I met only the man.
“I hope you enjoyed your food?” He ask..
“Yes, thank you sir” I answered.
“Okay, my wife told me you agreed to walk for us which am very grateful, we will pay you well okay” he said.
“Okay sir thanks” I said.
“Okay, I guess u are tired now you can go and sleep and get ready for tomorrow” he said.
I walk to my room upstair, I enter my room, removed my clothes and fall on the bed till tomorrow.
The next morning I woke up and greeted everybody, Riana is getting ready for school, Mr Rowan is getting ready for work while I sat on the sofa watching morning news in India, not that I know what they are saying oh, Ria came to change the station to silver bird TV.
I was glad at least let me see what's happening in Nigeria, after thirty minutes everybody has gone to work remaining me and Ria, she served food and we eat in silence.
“You will be going to work around five today” she said.
“Five? I thought you said its only in the night?” I ask.
“Yeah but you need some lessons before work, you will start going in the night after today that is if you grab everything they will teach you” she said.
“Okay no problem” I said.
“Good, I will be going to see a friend today so take care of the house” she said..

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