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Monday, 2 April 2018


“ Then go to the hospital and remove it now, meet a professional doctor they can remove it for you" I said.
“Done that already”
“And, what happened?”
“Oh well that's no longer an option because it can't happen” she said.
“Don't ask me why just know that I can't remove it like that because of some effects”
“Why won't you tell me? there is nothing else to do, that's the only option” I said still hoping for her to open up.
I don't understand why she don't want to tell me why, she said she visit a doctor already but she can't say anything, this is really a big problem oh, imagine what my sister will do if she hear something like this, she will just abandon me here in Benin, I can't let this happen please.
“Where are you? Can we see?” I ask her.
“Yeah I will try to visit you tomorrow” she said.
“Okay, by then maybe you can tell me what happened in the hospital”
“I wont tell you, bye for now" she said.
She cut the call while I started thinking, I didn't even bother to return to my room, I just remain in front of my landlord house, I even forgot I have a visitor until she came out and saw me in front of the house.
“Ozila” she called out.
I startle and quickly look up only to see her looking at me with her white dress like an angel, maybe she's an angel Because I can simply run away with her to India, oh well but that's not an option.
“Hey, what are you doing here?”

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