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Sunday, 1 April 2018


After some minutes, Adamma beeped him and he called her back. She picked at first ring, and Ashi noticed her voice was low.
'Where are you?' Ashi questioned.
'I'm in the Toilet, some people entered the room the other time and I didn't want them to hear what I was saying. Snake has eyes and ears everywhere, remember?'
Ashi sighed and agreed with her.
'So, have you tried reporting him to the school authority?', he asked.
'School authority? Have you forgotten his relationship with the leaders of the school management? Is it the VC who sleeps with me regularly courtesy of Snake, or the Disciplinary Committee chairman, who I had given mouth action several times? Ashi, reporting him isn't an option', Adamma replied helplessly.
'But why should I believe this isn't a plan by Snake to bring me over to the school? I really don't want to interfere in whatever business is between you both', Ashi replied cautiously.
'Plan by Snake Kwa? I would take a selfie after this call and send to you on 2go immediately after this call, you would see I'm now a shadow of myself. I'm now lean and dull. You can call any of your friends here and ask them yourself, they would tell you, I'm not lying Ashiwaju', Adamma replied almost weeping.
L Ashi thought about everything and sighed. He knew Adamma needed help, and he knew it could be his opportunity to get Snake. He decided to trust Adamma and help her.
'Ada, take exeat for sickness next Thursday and pack your bag for the weekend, when you are out of shool, let me know, I would tell you how to board the bus. I really do hope you are right though, because if this is all a trick, you are dead. I still hate Snake and I would love to see you to talk about it. Make sure he doesn't suspect you, as I wouldn't want you to be caught in the midldle of the battle. Immediately after this call, send me Snake's number', Ashi said fiercely and in a way, it made Adamma happy.
She knew there was hope. She thanked him, ended the call and deleted Ashi's number, she knew it by heart, and didn't want to let Snake suspect anything. She also sent the number and picture to him via 2go. She decided to be naughty for a moment and sent Ashi a semi-nude picture, she was Unclad with only her hand covering her boobs.
Ashi thought about the whole conversation again and was sure of what he wanted to do. He still was confused as how Snake could be perpetuating such evils confidently in such a school without being arrested. He decided to see Ken later that evening and ask for his opinion.
'So what are you planning to do now?' Ashi asked a confused-looking Ashi. Sete felt Ashi shouldn't get involved directly, as it was still early for him to 'pull hits'.
'Bros, I never sabi o, but I would think of something', Ashi said.
Busayo cleared her throat to remind the guys of her presence and they both looked at her.
'Can I say something please?' She asked politely.
'Sure, go ahead', the boys chorused together.
'See, from what that lady said, I'm sure she wasn't faking it, she needed help. I'm a lady, I feel for her. I think I can be able to help if need be. I know you guys are runsmen and would be dealing with the guy soon. Whenever you need a lady to track the so-called Snake, just let me know, I would help, but on one condition. You must protect me whenever I need protection in this school', Busayo said firmly.
Ashi looked at Sete who fixed his gaze at Busayo, he never thought Busayo could be useful like that.
'Deal', Sete said, and kissed Busayo. Plans just got easier, they knew.
Later that evening, Ashi hooked up with other Angels of Light at a bar where they all had fun. When he noticed Ken was in a good mood, he moved closer to him and told him about everything Adamma said. He reminded Ken how Snake treated him and caused him to be suspended from his previous school, and how he wanted to retaliate. Ken looked at him impressively and smiled. He had been longing to pull a hit, but hadn't found any opportunity, then they had one, he wouldn't let the opportunity go.
'Make the plan and draw the maps let me see', Ken said and hugged Ashi.
Ken fixed his glass with spirit, raised it up and shouted, 'To a successful hit', and everyone replied 'To a successful hit'. They all had fun and later left for their respective abodes.

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