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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


I was in my bedroom looking for a perfect outfit to wear on my date with Harry slash the party. Flora came over helping me choose from my old pile of clothes.
Like I needed anyone's help.
"Flora,don't you get all lovey dovey with Tamara. Wait,seriously, why pink?. It looks disgusting" Amber gagged pointing at the pink gown I didn't know I had. It was a simple gown but too skimpy for it's own good. And too pink.
"OK fine,no pink. You don't even own good amount of dresses to choose from,it's frustrating" Flora sighed sitting on my bed waving off no sweat from her forehead.
"Ok,I'm done with this" Amber stood up disappearing into my closet. It took her about five minutes before she walked in holding out a blue gown. I stared at the gown in utter shock.
This was the dress my dad sent to me on my fifteenth birthday,thinking I was already ripe for prom. He didn't even know anything about me. I know he felt obligated to send me presents during holidays and my birthday as a father. But if that was how he felt then, he shouldn't have. He confirmed his feelings when he ended the fatherly gesture two years ago.
I couldn't take my eyes off the dress,when it was gifted to me,I just angrily pushed it in the far end of my wardrobe. I remember calling my dad animated names. I mean,how can he forget his own daughter's age?
But to think of it. He did me a huge favour,never in a million years would I have remembered this piece of clothing staring back at me screaming...'hey Missy,why don't you just try me on and see how sexy I can make you huh?'
OK,that's just creepy.
"Amber how did you get this?" I grabbed it from her giving her my grateful eyes.
"Well,let's just say a fairy told me" she laughed taking me with her.
Flora rolled her eyes facing Amber saying "why don't you get featured on that reality show- hmm- yeah,how do I look huh?" She teased.
"What's wrong with my clothes now Flo,they are perfectly okay" Amber replied. She was wearing denim jeans and a varsity jacket accompanied with sneakers. Which was pretty much okay to me,while Flora was putting on a decent gown and blue pumps.
"Everything Amber,we're going to a party for Pete's sake not some game match" Flora argued.
"I don't see anything wrong with the clothes she's putting on Flo" I decided to butt in.
"Don't tell me she effected you with the boyish syndrome?" Flora asked pulling out a make up box from her bag pack
"You're just making up words Flo....hold up,who uses this much makeup?" Amber panicked pursing her lips.
"A girl on a date" Flora drawled grinning. "Hop on Tamara,I'm about to make you GORGEOUS" she patted my study chair pulling it away from the mirror. Why do I feel like she said 'hop on Tamara,I'm about to take you to hell'?
"hope I'm safe?" I turned to Amber.
"No one's safe around Flora,no one" Amber shrugged typing on her phone. I took in a deep breath and faced Flora.
"Shouldn't I try out the dress before you take over with the whole face paint" I drawled.
"Yes,that's true Tamara,go go" she hit me on the butt pushing me to my toilet door.
I sucked in a breath and stared at the dress. It reminded me of Dad,I missed him.
Pull yourself together Mara,you are not gonna ruin
this day with your sobs.

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