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Saturday, 7 April 2018


"Mum cut it out,I actually bought it grandma" I laughed nervously. OK,maybe my Mum was joking. It's just a silly old joke right?
"I SAID NO BUSH WALK young lady and that's final" she stood up leaving the files on the oak table and disappeared into the office doors. I turned to my grandma sucking on my lips,trying to prevent the little sobs from appearing unannounced.
"Come here hon" my grandma offered opening her arms and I ran to her trapping my self between her arms, sobbing silently. She rocked her chair back and forth and I buried my nose underneath her armpit perceiving the sweet smell of her jelly powder.
"Your Mum loves you a lot my dear,she wouldn't intentionally make you sad"
"Funny enough, I am sad" I deadpanned. "But what's her reason for disallowing me grandma?"
"I don't think I should be telling you this but-" she paused then fixed me on her laps and sighed.
"-your Mum had a twin" I released my self from her comforting embrace and gaped at her alarmingly.
"Huh- my Mum had a twin?" I parroted gasping.
"Martha-" she blinked away her tears and continued "-her name was Martha"
I nodded giving her enough time to make the decision of telling me or not. I knew where this story was heading to- but I was just curious to hear it from her.
"I remember when Mecha,your Mum ran right into me,laughing and begging me to allow them go on the school's excursion" she chuckled weakly.
"Martha was against it from the beginning. But after rounds of pleads from Mecha,she finally gave in"
"Grandma,you really don't have to- I completely understand" I squeezed her fingers a little,caressing them softly.
"No Mara,let me. They went on the field trip alright,but Martha never returned- My B-baby N-never R-returned" she cried releasing her palms from mine and sobbing into them. Now it was my turn to comfort her,I gave her a light squeeze on her shoulder.
"Your Mum thinks she's responsible for everything,you know persuading your aunt to go on the field trip,even after telling her she's not repeatedly. So my dear,try to understand your mum on this" she looked at me with hopeful eyes and I let the tears fall all the way to my laps.
We jinked when we heard the office door being pushed open revealing my Mum in an alarming state. She heard all of it,that I'm sure of. Her teary eyes says it all.
"Is there more room for one?" my mum pointed at the little space on my grandma's lap.
"Come on in Mecha,I can hold you both in" my grandma smiled urging my mum with her fingers to move forward. My mum sat lightly on my grandma's lap making sure to support herself by holding onto the wall. We both know grandma isn't as energetic as before.
"I won't go,if you don't want me to Mum" I grabbed my mum's hand smiling.
"I love you Mara,you're the best thing that has ever happened to me my child"
"I love you too mum" I replied honestly. I wasn't all too happy,I denied myself of something I wanted all through my life for my mother's peace of mind. But it totally worth it,if she's happy,then I am happy.
"Just a little pink can make your day Tamara- trust me on this,will I ever lie to you...will i?" Flora asked batting her eyelashes giving me the puppy dog eyes.

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