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Thursday, 12 April 2018


And with that I put it on straightening my sides. It was a simple but elegant blue netted gown which had an alluring open back but not displaying too much skin,a tight bodice that tailors into the slight ruffled hemline which stopped just above my knees. It was beautiful,like it was specially made just for me.
I got out and cleared my throat making them feel my presence.
"You look like a freaking princess even without the makeup" Flora squealed pushing me gently on the chair.
"That's the more reason you shouldn't make her look any less princess like" Amber scoffed,looking at the large makeup box in distaste.
" me on this Tamara,t r u s t, m e" she shoved her face in mine and I pushed her off chuckling.
She started off using the curly iron to fix my hair,she didn't need it since my hair was already curly. So just a waste of time.
Few minutes later,she pushed my chair close to my mirror stand and I gasped looking at a foreign and hot reflection staring back at me. I didn't know makeup was this good on me. The eyebrows were so perfect,the black eye liner made my eyes look bigger and more intense. The red lipstick stood out the most,I was speechless. Flora really had it in her.
"Geez Flora,you did something right for the first time in years" Amber mocked looking at an anxious Flora who was waiting patiently for me to say something.
"Wow Flora,I love it so much. It's not too much but just enough. It's perfect,thank you"
"Aww,Harry jaws will be on the ground if he sees you Tamara" Flora giggled handing me silver pumps and a silver clutch.
"I bet he would" I laughed getting into the pumps. We heard a car honk from outside and I ran to the window staring at a convertible. I suddenly felt nervous,this was my first date. I'm ready,I can do this. I hugged myself looking at my friends.
"Thanks for your help you two,for coming in last minute,I don't know how to repay you"
"Stop it Tamara,What are friends for?" flora said as Amber yelled.
"Pizza will do"
"Amber!!" Flora and I yelled simultaneously.
"Kidding,I was just kidding..but if you wanna,I like pepperoni and cheese- just saying" she added when I rolled my eyes at her. We went downstairs together and I sucked in a breath,my hands on the doorknob. This is it!
I turned the doorknob and faced a clothed manly chest. I raised my head up and gasped pushing my self away from Harry. As I did,I missed a step and waited for the impact I was going to get from falling on my hard floor but it never came. Harry wrapped his hands around my waist holding my eyes. I tried to avert my eyes from his but I just couldn't. I felt sudden emotions display in a never ending bliss like a bubble in the pit of my stomach. We continued to stare at each other,never letting go. In our own little world comprising of just the two of us.
"Okay,okay. We get the message,can we please go now?" Amber rolled her eyes pointing at us.
"Ohh sorry" Harry said shyly and we moved away from my front door to let them out. Amber patted his back and Flora winked at me before speeding off.
I wanted them to stay back,I didn't know what will happen with me now. How could I survive with a mouthwatering god staring back at me. I scanned his outfit,he wore leather pants and jacket and an inner blue shirt,which was coincidental- like we had the whole blue theme planned. His grey eyes twinkled and full lips looked pretty inviting. He smelled like soap,no doubt he just got out of the shower,I wanted to inhale his scents throughout,forgetting about the date before us. Date.
"Take a picture butter face,it will last longer-" he teased with a smug look,I couldn't reply. I didn't know what to say.
"-You look beautiful,really beautiful" he stepped closer,our bodies almost touching. My heart skipped a beat and I moved back. Time to focus.
"You cleaned up yourself quite alright" I remarked nodding my head. He pushed his head back laughing.
"What's funny?"
"Nothing butter face,shall we?" He held out his palms and I took it,when we got outside, I immediately locked my door and kept the key underneath the doormat for Mum. We got in his convertible.
When my butt made contact with his leather seats,I shivered a little and looked out the window. I felt something warm wrap around my shoulders, He put his jacket in place on my shoulders and muttered a quick "there" and i smiled in gratitude.
"So where are you taking me?" I prodded staring at him anxiously.
"You will have to find that out yourself butter face"
And with that, he started the ignition and zoomed off.

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