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Friday, 13 April 2018


"Where are you taking me?"
"You just have to find out"
"Come on Harry,don't make me beg"
"You don't have to butter face" he chuckled. He put his signal on,preparing to turn left at another traffic light to a street.
"Just a tiny hint will do huh,Harry?"
"You have to be patient butter face,trust me"
"How am i sure you aren't taking me to a secluded area to carry out your devious plans" I pouted adjusting my seatbelts and facing Harry. He shifted his eyes from the road and stared at me,confusion drawn on his face.
"Which consists of?" He asked, clearly amused at my bluntness.
"Who knows,burying me alive-" I shrugged.
"-But if you're hell-bent on killing me,please have the decency by letting people find my body. I mean a religious funeral will do" I continued. He gaped at me then threw his head back laughing like a child. I frowned at him giving him time to return from hilarity.
After few seconds,I stared back at him but he didn't stop. He wiped the little tears from his eyes and touched his chest feigning hurt.
"Do you really think that low of me..huh- butter face?,why on earth are your imaginations so wild?" He chuckled while I scoffed and looked above the windshield blocking him out.
After few minutes,the car halted to a stop and was parked in front of a five star restaurant making my jaws almost hit the ground. He's kidding right?. Maybe he only needed a parking space to go down the road to a coffee shop or something.
But I got denied of such thoughts when Harry got out from the car and jogged over to the passenger's side to open the car door for me. My heart did a little somersault when he held my hand firmly walking into the restaurant's door.
"Harry,what are you doing?. It takes months to get a reservation in here and we just met few days back" I whispered pulling his arm slightly to the back. Even if he didn't have a reputation,I know I did. I never imagined being disgraced in front of sophisticated bodies.
But Harry had other plans,he simply smiled at me and took me in with him into the restaurant fully. I fiddled with my clutch embarrassingly and gasped taking in the place. It was a huge dream restaurant,wooden tables decked the floor. Modern lighting illuminated the room complemented with huge chandeliers which nestled the ceilings. Waiters dressed in three piece suits and waitresses dressed in elegant black gowns which stopped above their kneels, held trays and swiftly dodged each other as they came across. I had goose pimples right at the spot.
We were ushered in and asked if we had a reservation,surprisingly, we had one. I was shocked but Harry squeezed my fingers muttering "I know a guy" the typical answer.
We sat at the far end of the restaurant. Which was the best for me and we were given our menus by a pretty blonde lady who was occasionally batting her false eyelashes and twirling a lock of her hair to gain Harry's attention. I sniggered quietly when she noticed Harry wasn't giving in to her,she bent over exposing her chest and almost shoving it in Harry's face. Harry still wasn't paying any attention. She gave me a murderous look that could burn villages when Harry finally ordered and wave her off like a bee.
"Don't tell me you didn't see the Blondie make passes at you?" I laughed pointing at an infuriated lady resting behind the counter of the restaurant still staring in our direction.
He leaned into his seat and smirked at me "now butter face,how did you feel when she made those passes?" He asked clearly amused by my shock and immediate silence.

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