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Monday, 16 April 2018


I felt like flushing her face down the toilet,but I didn't say that to him. Fortunately,our food was placed on our table saving me from an answer.
Immediately we were done with our food. He held my hand and took me into the private yard of the restaurant -that I knew later his uncle owned,no wonder he was so collected compared to me. -I could hear water lapping in the pool to my left. There was a hedge,it's grass stretched as far as I could see and disappearing into the darkness.
Engulfed into the depths of the yard was a gazebo,adorned by modern lights on the wooden framework and surrounded by rose bushes. The gazebo was shaped as an octagon,There were wooden benches in the inside,decorated with white pillows. My eyes were glistening with tears. It was perfect.
I heard a loud cough and I jolted back to reality. My head spinning over to the gorgeous boy holding my hand. The air tensed as we stared at each other, not saying a word. I couldn't help but mutter "it's really beautiful"
"Yeah, it is" Harry smiled directly at me as if he meant something else.
"Seat?" he offered helping me on one of the wooden benches and he sat beside me, our fingers brushing as we sat side by side. He got out two cans of ice cream from a paper bag I didn't know he rapped up and gave one to me. I smiled licking my lips.
"So,tell me a little about yourself" he started and we talked for hours. He told me on how he and the guys met. He explained that he knew Ralph and Ethan since he started wearing diapers, then Sam followed when they turned seven. Lastly,Aiden completed the puzzle at eleven leaving them inseparable. I couldn't help but ask about Aiden's stoic attitude which Harry laughed to, saying "we all have our different approach to certain things butter face" his words lingered in my head leaving me with a puzzled expression.
What certain things?
What was Aiden actually going through?
I asked myself rhetorically.
"We need to get going butter face,it's almost nine. I mean,Ralph will feed my brains to trolls if you missed his party" Harry smiled holding my hands and helping me get up. These shoes were starting to hurt my feet and I wanted to pull them out instantly. But it would only make me look like Santa on easter.
"I'm sorry butter face,we didn't have much time for me to show you what I had planned" Harry stopped in front of a huge metal gate with loud music that almost made by ears bleed.
"Are you kidding me? It was perfect Harry. Thank you"
"But I promise, next will be better" he smirked getting out and opening the passenger's door for me. I blushed scarlet, next time?
There would be a freaking next time. He would want to go out with me again. It was exhilarating,like with blissful joy and I couldn't stop smiling. Harry leaned in his car and brought me with him. He brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear. I grinned already knowing what comes next after a date. I relaxed under his welcoming touch,he leaned into me,our bodies touching. My teenage hormones were acting up and my eyes fluttered close on it's own accord. His lips barely made contact with mine when we both fell apart by a loud cough.
"Hmm hmm,huh- sorry to disturb- your,your.....but the fun is clearly inside not here" Aiden said blankly resting on a wall adjacent us. His eyes followed me from my shoes to the tip of my curly dark brown hair,my eyes,then it finally lingered on Harry's jacket resting on my shoulders. I felt a blush creep it's way on my cheeks out of embarrassment and I suddenly had an interest on the floor decorations.
Harry rolled his eyes,grabbed my hand and led me into the front porch and hit his fist on the front door twice in a specific rhythm pattern and it flew open thereafter by a grinning Max holding a red paper cup.

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