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Thursday, 19 April 2018


"You guys made it,welcome,come on in" Max beamed moving away to let us have full access.
I gasped silently taking in the place,loud music blaring from the speakers loud enough to make a mute person yell.. 'turn it off,turn it off'
Hormonal teenagers either making out on the sofa,getting it dirty on the floor or sucking each other's face in front of other drunken teenagers. It smelled like alcohol and vomit and I regretted ever accepting to come here. Despite Aiden's warnings.
The first Person I spotted was Ralph,he beamed cheerfully hugging me,grinning. He said "who has two thumbs and made it to my party?"
I laughed pointing my thumbs at my chest yelling "this girl!". Wriggling my thumbs.
He laughed offering me a drink,I declined, telling him I was going to come for it after seeing his frown and childish pout.
"where are the rest?" I asked searching for the others.
"The girls over there-" he pointed "-but the guys are well you know,getting down to business" he snickered and I cringed walking to the girls.
When i got to them,they bore me in a tight hug.
"I want the deets Tamara,tell me" Flora screamed above the speakers and I laughed at her.
"Later Flora,I can't hear a thing" I replied.
"You say what?"
"I CAN'T HEAR A THING!!" I yelled into Flora's ear causing her to rub her ear. She nodded in understanding and motioned for the three of us to dance. I smiled at Amber and her silly moves. She really was enjoying the party.
"Can I steal this one for a bit?" Harry asked dragging me lightly by my arm.
"Go ahead hottie,she's all yours" Amber smiled which caused me to blush a deep shade of red.
Harry led me to the far end of the room and I laughed telling him I didn't know how the moves went,he simply chuckled, saying.. "me neither"
The song was changed to Ed sheeran's thinking out loud. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and I did the same to his neck. He made funny faces that made me laugh hard, out of the corner of my eyes,I saw someone stare or should I say Aiden stare. He rested on the wall and looked right into my eyes. Like nothing happened,he disappeared. Confused,I excused myself from Harry telling him I wanted a drink even after he insisted on getting it, but I got out by telling him I needed to use the toilet. He smiled and let go.
I tried to catch up to Aiden but bumped into a hard chest,I staggered a little but gained my composure thereafter.
"I'm really sorry" I apologized to the stranger I bumped into. He wore leather pants and a red and white jersey which didn't belong to our school. I was sure he didn't attend our school.
"Or did you bump into me intentionally to get my attention?" He asked haughtily.
"You heard me sweetheart" he sang circling me. He had this bad boy aura around him. I stared into his blue eyes with no emotions whatsoever. Challenging him.
"I said sorry didn't I?" I scoffed walking away but he blocked my path. Is this guy on cocaine or something,what the hell is wrong with him?
"Sorry doesn't just solve everyone's problems" he continued.
"Why do I have a feeling like you are dragging me into your own personal problems huh?- now if you'll excuse me. I have better things to do" I rudely said pushing him off but he wouldn't budge. Okay,this dude is seriously pissing me off.
"A name will do" he blurted out. Seriously? That was his intention.
"And what if I said no?" I folded my arms giving him my best glare I could muster.
"There's something about you that seriously interests me and I don't know why" he frowned taking in my appearance. I felt naked looking at the way his eyes scanned me.
"But I need to find that out. like I said, your name?" he inquired firmly holding my eyes.
"Leave her alone Jedd,go play with someone your own size" I heard a familiar voice say. I turned to see Aiden glower at the guy I assumed as Jedd.
"But I find her interesting Aiden,isn't she?"
"Trust me,she isn't" Aiden said staring at me briefly. I fought the tears back. I won't look gullible in front of them,never. Who does he think he is to say that?
Jedd shoulders shook from laughing too hard,he faced Aiden squarely "how'd you know Ai?"
Aiden didn't reply,it felt like he was scared to admit he knew me even if it's for a second and that hurt me so much,and I never expected it to. It felt like someone hit me with a sledge hammer, breaking all my strength to pieces.
"Like I said Jedd,there's nothing interesting about her, believe me" Aiden laughed slightly.
"Why did you have to tell me this Aiden?,now it only makes me wanna find out even more" Jedd groaned looking at me with mischief. I was speechless,I needed to leave this place now.
And I did asking for directions to the restroom,I finally got in there trying to relax my pounding head. I wiped my eyes furiously,they were talking like I wasn't even in there. I heard a patter outside and opened the restroom door to go out,but as I did. Three guys entered into the restroom and locked me in with them. They were drunk that am sure of.
"Excuse me boys,I need to go out there" I pointed nervously at the door.
"This is where you belong sugar,here in my arms" one of them said and with that I was pushed roughly and trapped in a set of hairy and sweaty arms.

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