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Monday, 23 April 2018


"Please,d-don't do this...please" I cried,trying to release myself from his wild grasp but he didn't budge. He roughly pushed his chest to my bare back which gave him more access
Why do i feel like this dress suddenly turned into
a horrible nightmare that I wanted to be away
-making me gasp at the disgusting feeling I was getting. His body was slimy,sticky and wet and I felt irritated to say the least. One of the guys blocked the exit and the other made sure no one entered or suspected anything.
I didn't know the amount of times I said my silent prayers,praying to God to help me out of this situation.
I blinked the tears back,I've watched a lot of videos and heard stories on physical assaults and rape but never imagined I was actually going to be one of them.
My worst nightmare was unfolding in my very own eyes and I could do nothing to stop it.
"I'll be gentle my princess,just don't do anything stupid or-"
"HELP!,ANYBODY!! PL- ouch!!" He yanked my hair hard,making my scalp ache. It was like someone used secateurs to rip open my head.
"What did I tell you about not doing anything stupid? I will make you regret ever crossing me,you bitch" he spat,pulling harder.
I cried loudly,but it turned to silent sobs when I was slapped across the face,making me fall on the harsh ground with a loud thud. He erupted in an heavy laugh,followed by his goons.
"Thanks,princess for making it so easy" he squatted to my position and pulled my hair away from my face,then pressed his fingers harshly to my cheeks,pulling them close to his face and I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Very pretty,innocent and wild. Lucky for you,that's
what I like " he slurred. I fought the urge to spit on his face,his mouth reeked of alcohol and then he brought it close to my mouth,wanting to capture it but I jerked away crawling to an open space and curling into a ball.
Now,i wish I didn't chicken out of the 'Tae kwon do' class my mum paid extra money on.
Close your eyes,it will all go away.
And I did,but only to return to reality,he pulled down his jeans leaving his boxer's brief on and shirt and walked to me with a wild grin on his face taking in my vulnerability. Fresh tears began gushing out from my eyes in full swing,making it blurry.
He pulled me to his hard chest again,raking his hands all over my body. I felt like garbage. Disposed garbage.
He started to reach for my zipper at my side and that alone gave me a quick push to do what I did.
"AIDEN! AIDEN! AIDEN!!!" I shouted bitterly,receiving heavy slaps from the monster of a guy. I didn't know why I yelled Aiden's name for help,I wasn't sure why his name rolled so smoothly off my tongue in my vulnerable state,I didn't know why I couldn't stop yelling his name even after I was tossed on the floor and the monster was practically on me. He raised his hand and was about to give me another hard slap but instead,he was yanked roughly away from me by someone else.
My saviour perhaps?
"!!!" Aiden yelled, hitting the guy everywhere he could lay his fists on. The other two guys tried to pull Aiden away from their leader but were given two deadly punches each that knocked them out totally. The guy used his arms as shield,blocking his face. Which only aggravated Aiden more.

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