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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


I've never seen him so mad before,I knew he was guarded but this side of Aiden was foreign. His jade eyes were cold and his face emotionless. It looked like Aiden was actually going to kill the guy and I was there watching,too tired to get up or tell him to snap out of it.
But thank God the guys came just in time. Ralph yanked Aiden away from the battered and broken dude, The guy needed to be taken to the ER.
Amber,Flora and Alyssia came over to me,eyes wide. They stared at the unconscious guys on the floor then me and they nodded sadly,taking me in a group hug. Good to know,there were actually people who cared.
"Weren't you supposed to be her date?" Aiden sneered angrily, motioning to Harry.
"I,I mean she- she went to use the restroom then just disappeared" Harry said nervously,looking at me apologetically.
"Are you okay?" Ralph asked, rushing over to my side.
"It's all my fault Tamara,you didn't want to come at first,I'm so sorry I forced you into it" Ralph continued. I saw Harry's jacket lying on the tiled floor,it was there through it all
They continued to talk,apologize and curse,but my mind was in overdrive and blocking every voice in my head. I made calculating steps,slowly walking towards the door and then I hastened my speed,sprinting past the guys and out of the tiny room. I heard series of my name being called out,but I ignored it, bumping into people and not bothering to say sorry. I spotted Charlotte, she gawped at me with wide eyes and I hissed,not sparing her a minute to put the pieces together. I ran out of the house,sprinting to no where in particular. Sprinting was my sport. I stopped to catch my breath and continued running through the quiet and lonely streets,I didn't look back and that I was grateful of. Many thoughts ran through my mind that I thought I would actually go crazy. I spotted a wooden bench across a tree and sat on it thinking about nothing. I inhaled and exhaled the sharp breeze tickling my nostrils,letting the tears fall all the way to my lap.
I didn't know how long I stayed there but I suddenly felt a hand slightly grip my shoulders. I didn't bother turning my head to figure out who the person was. I quivered,begging "please,not again"
I was too weak to fight back,that I realized if he wanted to take me,so be it.
"let's get you home" the familiar voice whispered and I stirred my head to see Aiden,holding out his hand for me and I took it,suddenly feeling safe.
Aiden and i stayed in his car for about half an hour,neither of us dared to utter a word. I couldn't stop the tears now. I knew my face looked a mess but who cares right now? I brought my legs up to my chest,burying my head in it and I couldn't help but ask.
"Why me?" I asked softly,almost like a whisper but he heard it,I knew he did because I felt him move in his seat.
" Let's get you home " he muttered again,turning the ignition,but I placed my hand softly on his to stop him. I wouldn't denial that I didn't feel a strange sensation build up inside me but I ignored it anyway.
"How did you know I was in there?" Because I was sure no one saw me walk in there.
He looked at me briefly and sighed "i heard you yell my name"
"Ohh" I blushed taking my hand back.
"Don't worry,Ralph took care of the guys. Turns out they were a bunch of uninvited assholes" Aiden said,putting his hands in a tight fist,making his knuckles turn white.
"Say you told me so"
"Huh?" He asked puzzled.
"You told me not to come Aiden,and I,i-"

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