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Saturday, 28 April 2018


"Well,I'm not gonna sa- but yeah,i told you so"
I gave him a blank stare that made him chuckle slightly,wait. What? Aiden chuckled? Even if it was only for a split second but it was the best sound I've ever heard. It was a manly chuckle but beautiful and I wanted to hear it all day.
"I was only teasing,Tamara" he replied. This was the first time Aiden ever said my name. I loved the way it rolled out of his tongue. I loved the effect it gave me.
Why was he being this nice?
I didn't forget that it was actually his fault I went to the restroom at that time. If he didn't say those harsh things about me to Jedd,I wouldn't have needed space to clear my head.
Don't be an ungrateful bitch,now. He saved you
remember? you owe him one.
I pushed the negative thoughts at the back of my mind,muttering a sincere "thank you"
He nodded,looking out the window. Was he suddenly feeling uneasy? Because I was. The air in the vehicle seemed to tense up a bit. I looked at the time on the dashboard and sighed,11:02. Mum wasn't expecting untill twelve and if I went this early,she would suspect something was wrong and I didn't want that. I looked at Aiden only to catch him staring. I didn't know how long we stayed there staring at each other like the world suddenly came to a halt.
He cleared this throat,started the ignition,I gave him directions to my house which was pretty far. The ride home was quiet and didn't want it to be.
Aiden turned on his radio and Alessia Cara's 'here' blasted quietly through the speakers.
Truly I ain't got no business here
But since my friends are here,
I just came to kick it
But really I would rather be at home all by myself
not in this
room with people who don't even care about my
I couldn't help but laugh,Aiden noticed and raised his brow asking "what's funny?"
"This is- Aiden,this was actually how I felt when I ran off to the toilet" I laughed weakly. "Isn't it funny enough?"
He didn't say anything,I guess he was suddenly feeling guilty for blurting out those rude comments about me. I was about to ask him why he said those things about me to Jedd. But he pulled over at my front porch and I got out not waiting for a millisecond. His presence was suddenly like fire to me. I got out the keys from under the doormat and inserted the key. I stopped and turned,staring directly at Aiden from his open window,he was still watching me. I opened the door and closed it shut sliding down the door till I felt my butt hit the carpet. I put my hand in a fist,putting it into my mouth to prevent my wails. I heard him zoomed off and I walked lazily to my room.
Mum wasn't home,I was disappointed and both thankful and the same time. Disappointed because I needed a shoulder to cry on and my Mum's was the best. Thankful because I didn't want her to see me in this state. It would terrify her and I didn't want that. I got up from the bed, taking off my dress in one pull- I didn't care if it ripped because I would NEVER wear them again.
I ran to the bathroom,I turned on the shower,grabbing a bathing sponge and scrubbed my body angrily,making sure that monster's touch was totally faded from my skin. I didn't care if my skin blistered from excessive scrubbing but I continued anyway.
Even if I scrubbed all his filthy dirt off of me. But I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that I was physically assaulted and my V-card was almost taken away from me just on my first time ever attending a party.
And all these happened when I met the Ashers not that I actually blame them but...
I wasn't sure what was yet to come. Only if I saw
it coming.
Aww. This felt so sad writing. Perhaps maybe
because Avicii died😭😭
I can't wrap my head around the fact that I
wouldn't hear him sing more songs again...ahhhhh

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