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Monday, 30 April 2018


It was Saturday and I was so grateful it was. At least I would be alone to clear my head without anyone, especially the guys, pestering me about what happened yesterday.
I sighed, yesterday. I hope Aiden wasn't apprehended for attempted murder because that guy was badly broken, now the guy would think twice before taking advantage of any vulnerable girl out there. What a slimy pig. He deserved all those punches from Aiden.
I walked to my mirror, staring at my reflection. The faint scars from the other night totally faded and all the telltale signs were gone. No one would even notice, only if I told them myself. Which was a huge relief.
After I was done with my bath, I walked down stairs, slapping my flip-flops against the floor. I paused at my Mum's door and opened it, slightly peeking inside to see my Mum's sleeping figure. She came in late last night, I heard her walk in my room but I pretended I was asleep. I was a light sleeper. I didn't want her to see me in that awful state, I was scared of her response if she did.
My Mum would go crazy that's for sure and never leave me alone for a bit. She would treat me like a caveman, never letting me leave the house. Maybe I would be homeschooled. I cringed at the thought.
I went to the fridge to get out a cereal pack and ate breakfast. I wanted something light and that was more than enough. I went back to my room, searching for my phone and I remembered it was in Flora's clutch and I left it in Harry's car when we arrived at the party.
I sighed sitting on my bed and glanced at my laptop staring back at me. It's been so long since I last spoke to my best friend, Trina. So I sat on my study chair and faced my laptop. I opened Skype and received a video call from Trina, I accepted the call and almost jumped out of my chair. Trina's face popped out on the screen, she shoved her face in the camera, applying lipstick.
"Trina, what the hell!" I exclaimed, touching my chest. She didn't reply but instead placed the lipstick on her dresser, she leaned back in her seat then glared at me, folding her arms.
"I take it you're angry" I sighed.
"I called you twenty five freaking times yesterday and texted you continuously Tammy, what's wrong with you, huh?" She snarled, glowering at me.
I didn't say anything, giving her time to finish her rants.
"I was worried sick about you, but see what I got" she continued.
"I got invited to a party okay?..and I kinda left my phone in Harry's car" I whispered.
"If you aren't going to say any- wait. What?" She gasped covering her mouth with her hands.
Such a drama queen.
"You did what?" She asked.
"You heard me Trina"
Trina and I have been best friends since we were eight. She knew me in and out, I never attended parties even when she tried to persuade me to. It wasn't something I would ever consider. But I just don't understand why I actually went to Ralph's. Knowing Trina, she would definitely bombard me with questions.
"Ohh" was all she said, then she relaxed into her chair.
"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!!! You're kidding me right? Tell me you are? Tammy went to her first party. Oh Lord! it's time for you to take me, my work here is done" she clasped her hands, looking up to heaven.
"Some guys almost took advantage of me Trina, don't get too excited now" I whispered silently, bringing my head down.
"Oh my gosh Tamara, I'm so sorry, are you okay?..did they hurt you?"

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