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Wednesday, 4 April 2018


"Jake tell me what the hell is going on here!..." I asked Jake after we had gone out of the dark corridor but he didn't answer and that really made me angry "Jake!" ,He quickly pulled me into the school basement and closed the door behind me.
"just shut up for a second...okay" he growled, then put a chair on the door 'what the fudge, he really growled_who does that'. The next thing he did was very weird and it almost freaked me out, he touched the door and the door was replaced by a wall,i was left shaking with fear , 'oh my freaking word!' i thought to myself 'this cant be happening'. " we need to go and you need to forget whatever you saw today." He stated.
"uhhhh are you crazy!, forget what happened! .I don't even know what the hell just to at least explain this shit to me! " I could barely breath after I finished, I felt like my brains were going to explode and definitely thought I was in some kind of a dream. Jake just stood in front of me then suddenly he wore a very intimidating smirk on his face that made me feel very uncomfortable and it only made me frown at him ''.
"what? " I asked him annoyed. He walked towards me with his arms crossed and I unconsciously stepped back earning another smirk from him. I gasped after noticing his eyes darken and he stood right in front of me barely leaving some space between us. My heart beat increased and I could feel his warm minty breath brush against my face as he leaned in.
I couldn't say a word .I felt like my whole body turned numb and my knees felt weak, they literally felt like jell_O and I prayed I wouldn't fall. Then Jake whispered in my right ear , "you really talk a lot my little mate, I will explain everything when the time comes...patience de-rosa " then he moved back and walked out leaving me with more questions .Bastard!.
I couldn't stop thinking about what happened as I walked in the school lobby making my way outside to the school parking lot. "what the fuck just happened! " I said to myself. I blinked a couple of times ' maybe I'm still dreaming and I will wake up and find out this was all just a bad bad dream.' , nope this wasn't dream...its all too so fucked!, I groaned covering my face with both hands.
"whatsup .Prisca, you look awful", I heard Bryan's voice behind me, I rolled my eyes "thanks for the compliment" I said sarcastically while he sat on the cemented ground next to me. "well anytime
love, seriously why do you look like you have just seen pigs flying over a rainbow", he said with a hint of curiosity showing in his eyes. I laughed a little and then frowned "trust me you don't wanna know what I have seen" I told him looking into space.Now Jake wore the same frown I was wearing on my face "come on just tell me already, you making me die of curiosity! " he complained. "well here goes nothing...just don't think I'm going insane ok..." I made him promise and he did " why do you always say that,I won't I
promise" .
After I had explained everything to Bryan including the whole incident between me and Jake he looks like 'he had just seen pigs flying over a rainbow.' There was an awkward silence for a minute, then Bryan decided to finally talk and I was relieved because I really wanted to know what was going on that mind of his "well that really was some shitty day you have had". I looked at him and sighed "ya think? you don't think I'm bat shit crazy? ", he wore a ghost smile"not in a million years " .I smiled at him relieved 'i love this guy, his my best friend and the brother I never had.
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