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Thursday, 5 April 2018


I was extremely annoyed with almost everything that was happening in my life.I seriously wasn't happy with the fact that I was assigned to protect a fucking witch .
I mean everybody knows werewolves and witches don't get along very well and that counts for me. Now to make matters worse I find out the witch I'm supposed to protect turns out to be my mate! Well that didn't turn out well..I don't need a mate!. For obvious reasons,part of those reasons being mates are a weakness I don't need a mate especially as an Alpha of the strongest pack in New Orleans and one of the best packs in USA.
My wolf Damon kept nagging me for one stupid reason , "don't call our mate stupid,you idiot!" Damon yelled in my head making me growl " don't growl at me ,don't you dare" he shouted at me making me roll my eyes and I mentally blocked him.
Damon was very short tempered just like me so we basically argued a lot, especially about little things which made it harder for me to even make decisions. He could be a menace most of the time but he is strong and he is my pride.
My thoughts were disturbed by Christopher my best friend and my beta,he just budged in as usual and that always annoyed me to the bone. I sat up straight "what is it Chris", I asked him lazily.
"I'm done with the Silverstone documents boss man" he said dropping some files on my desk.I rolled my eyes at the ridiculous nickname he gave me, seriously were the hell did he pick that up from 'the trash?'
He looked at me weirdly which made me raise an eyebrow " what is it this time?" .
" you look like shit Alpha."
I snorted," well thanks beta for the compliment" I said sarcastically.
" Anytime Alpha ,so what's the problem?"
God,how does he know I have a problem, I swear this guy could be my mother," I found my mate," I decided to tell him...he was gonna find out anyways since he was very good at being nosy.
He looked at me ,amused " so what's the problem, dude that's great ,unless you gay".
" Piss off,I'm not gay..." I stood up from my nice black leather chair " I just don't want a mate especially if she is a goddamn witch,I told you that already" .
Chris rolled his eyes and smirked , "yeah right,you want her ,you need her but as usual you just too stupid to admit it and second of all your mate is a witch !,how is that possible .A werewolf can't have a witch as a mate that's impossible."
I took the files from my desk and started opening them just checking that everything I needed was there before I chop someone's head off ."stop talking rubbish,I don't need a mate,mates are for weak men ....", I smirked "weak men like you Chris and second of all yes my mate is a witch she's the one I'm supposed to be protecting
Christopher glared at me ,if he was someone else I would have ripped out their heart but Chris was like my little brother...I let him get away with a lot of shit .I just grinned at him with my "very annoying wide grin" because I knew I had won this argument "again"
"Well I will gladly stay a weak man once I find my mate ,there must be an explanation to why your mate is a hidden 'witch' I'm sure the moon goddess has something planned out for yo..." before he could finish his statement Rebecca one of my Gemma's walked in with her usual flirty smile,I mentally rolled my eyes.
" Alpha ",she greeted me and gave me an unnecessary hug ignoring Chris who looked really annoyed beside me " I missed you" she whispered in my ear but I'm sure Chris heard it,he was werewolf after all.
So Rebecca was my ex girlfriend who I kept fucking, well because the girl can't stay out of my pants for more than a day 'literally'.I'm not being selfish but I know Rebecca's aim which is to use me so she can become lunar like every other girl in the pack. This is one of the exact reasons why i didn't want a mate,women just want either my body or the lunar position of the greatest and strongest wolf pack .
How can I say no to her ,I'm a guy and she is one sexy woman who knows how to please me in several ways besides I will use her just like she thinks she's using me . Rebecca Hawks has always been the most beautiful woman in the pack although i bet she spends a lot of time at the spar and beauty saloon so she can look like that,i mean anyone can see that her beauty is based on a lot of makeup which makes me wonder what she really looks like under all that makeup .
Her long wavy ,silky blond hair is another attractive thing about her ,its really light blond that's almost faded to a whitish blondish colour but it suits her and it makes her blue eyes pop out more .
Her body is not too bad ,she is like a model ,slim and beautiful with large boobs 'yeah that's one thing I appreciate about her'.Her skin is always glowing all the time which makes me think its all due to the extra effort the poor people at the spar put in or probably because of the makeup products she uses 'she even smells like overdosed girly makeup and soap ,it chokes me ;literally its almost suffocating'. Speaking of which I'm going to be needing her tonight ...Prisca keeps coming into mind its all too frustrating and I need to get away from my nagging wolf.
" I missed you too" I whispered back into her ear which made her shiver with pleasure, I really loved the impact I had on women,another one of my prides.
Christopher cleared his throat with an exaggerated cough " well I will be leaving I have got...issues to be attended to and hello to you too Rebecca" he said literally running out of the office with a disgusted look plastered on his face .
#sigh 😷i know right how dare he do such a thing 'mwahahaha I'm joking his an ass but that's not the worst thing his done*dead😹'*I hope you enjoyed this chapter coz honestly took my little free time to write for you guys coz I love you🙌& don't hate on Jake just yet ,his a bad boy but his got his reasons🙍yeah
Love you kittens😹
Comments are appreciated ,good ones of course ,don't be swearing at me for my mistakes ,gosh I'm human just point them out and I will fix them 🙏that would be really helpful

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