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Saturday, 7 April 2018


I don't know how I was feeling right now because I was experiencing a lot of emotions ,i was feeling angry and betrayed because my own parents kept a big secret that was based on an important aspect in my life,I was feeling scared because I just got told I'm a witch and an animal basically a 'beast!',I was also terrified that my life was in danger and was being hunted down by warlocks!, I was feeling a bit relieved because me being a witch explained a lot of things that have been happening for past couple of weeks but mostly I was feeling sick to my stomach and I feel like I'm about to throw up!. I think Daniel noticed because he quickly handed me a tiny trashcan and I emptied all the breakfast I had eaten this morning 'I wish I could throw up my life'.
After throwing up and rinsing my mouth I finally decided to actually talk 'about it'," So I'm a,I'm a werewolf too", i said sarcastically," how come I have never turned into one and how come I don't feel like a witch or a werewolf...maybe I didn't actually inherit anything from you, dad!" I said hoping he would agree this was all a mistake 'or maybe my dad is psychotic and that's why my mom had to stay away from him?'
He held my hand tightly but it was comforting " Sweetheart I really do wish you hadn't inherited all this,that you were just human like your mother and we would just live happily without having to look over our shoulders but unfortunately this is our fate and we have to live with it . Actually Allesia my cousin sister put a blocking spell on you so you wouldn't feel or use any of your powers as a witch or your strength as a wolf but once you turned eighteen somehow your powers were triggered back. I guess its because you older now and stronger and maybe that is why the shadow hunters were able to sense you .Well as of your wolf I guess you should start feeling her soon since the spell has been broken", he said furrowing his eyebrows .I was feeling so defeated and I felt as if my own life had just slapped me in the face...that's why I kept hearing things,that's why I burnt my picture in a dream then physically it burnt ,it all made sense now!. "so now what?", I thought out loud without even realising it.
" We moving back home,to your real home princess,New Orleans" he said with a ghost smile.
I took my hand from him,'fucken unbelievable!,just when I was beginning to accept living in Zimbabwe, I was beginning to love this place!....oh no what about Bryan...what about school(code for Bryan again,I mean I don't give a damn about school)!," I can't do this again!,I just can't! can't just expect me to leave and start over again!,maybe you are wrong or you just
crazy!,maybe this is all part of your crazy shit that
made mom run from you,maybe this is why mom
had to stay away because you totally crazy!,
just...stay away from me ,God I can't believe you
right now..!" I was about to walk I was about to 'run out' again but before I could even take a step my dad had managed to somehow grab my arm 'again' but this time his grip was more aggressive. Well he was definitely pissed off.
"I'm really sorry Prisca but we have to leave tonight at 8pm ,I need to protect you and for that to happen we need to be close to family and your coven...there's a lot you have to learn .I suggest you start getting ready .Its either we do this the
hard way or the easy way and if try anything stupid
I won't be so easy on you.Note this is for your
own good and next time you decide to speak to me
with that tone young lady I will not be so nice you
hear me? "he said coldly,his voice sending chills to my spine and I just managed to nod,he released my arm from his grip but I could already feel that there was going to be a bruise there.

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