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Friday, 6 April 2018


Four weeks later
I was in the garden picking up some flowers for the dinning room table .Daniel needed to really lighten up the house a little, honestly and these red roses will definitely do the trick!.I picked them up and put them in a glass vase and now off to see what they look like on the dinning table.
I entered the dinning room with a wide smile and found my dad sitting there looking lost in deep thoughts.
" Morning dad,what's wrong?" I asked placing the vase in the middle of the dinning table .He looked at me,scared?," we need to talk Prisca,please take a seat"(oh no). I sat down next to him a little bit nervous, " what do we need to talk about that has you looking so scared?". I was seriously concerned. He sighed," Please try not freak out at what I'm about to tell yo u".
I nodded." Prisca you are special, you are...well we are both different and so was your mother, your grandmother and every one of our family before that".
I raised my eyebrows not really understanding where this was going," what do you mean Daniel ?".He sighed " You a hybrid Prisca,a very special hybrid a witch and half werewolf . You a witch..a very special witch part of a very sacred coven with the strongest witches ever known to mankind 'the hidden coven'. My mother was part of that coven and she was the last hidden witch but then she died,my father was a sacred beast with the curse of the moon known as a werewolf .But I turned out to be a werewolf which I inherited from my father however I didn't inherit my mothers strong magic but I'm still a
leader of the grim warlocks by blood. My mother died but my father is alive, I wanted to runaway
Prisca from all this werewolf, witch supernatural stuff so I ran away when I was nineteen..."
He ran a hand through his hair then continued " I went as far away as I could that's when I went to Asia .I met your mother there she was working as a journalist for the UK Times, God she was so beautiful and I knew there was something about her...something special. I asked her out ,she was innocent and so human and thats exactly what I needed 'a human life'.We got married and moved to Canada then after three years we had something special ,we had you Prisca and I was so damn happy!.Then after a month of joy the moon goddess decided to take it all away ,I got a vision..." , he ran a hand through his hair ," well a message from one of the last hidden witches we call them royals ,she is a very good friend of mine and she is the Queen of the Hidden coven currently. She told me you were in danger
Prisca,she told me you were special...that you carried your ancestors blood ,God what was I thinking!I thought I could run away from it all!" he sounded so frustrated.
I knew by now my eyes were so wide open they could possibly fall out of my sockets and I was probably going into shock 'I mean what.the.fuck?!'. Maybe this is all a joke but its not funny!," this is not funny DANIEL!," I said closing my hands into fists," if this is some kind of sick joke STOP!" I stood up and was about to walk out but he grabbed my hand
" Its not a joke honey,please listen to me...the Hidden witches were only a very few left because they all got hunted down by the shadow hunters ,they are very dangerous and powerful warlocks that practice dark magic ,they wanted to get rid of hidden witches because they know they are a threat to them because their power. We made them think think the hidden witches were all dead and to do that I had to hide you by leaving you in Canada with your mother to protect you . By then I had revealed everything to your mother and she was angry and agreed it was better I leave for your sake .So left i and nobody knew about you until some months ago a shadow hunter had a vision about two hidden witches that still survive by then I knew I had to get you to safety and that would be here with me,that's why your mother had to give you to me,she didn't abandon you she was trying to protect you." He released his grip a little and looked at me with hope that I did understand all of this .

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