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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


I was so lost admiring the house that i didn't even notice we had entered another room and the huge young blond man who had escorted us here was asking us too wait here while he calls the Alpha,now that I was in a room with light I could see how 'hot' this guy was,he was a few feet taller than me but although he wasn't that tall he was huge,like he was 'muscle everywhere'...I'm sure the men here were on some kind of steroids. I sat down on a couch next to my dad,apparently this huge room was called the waiting room.
After waiting for what felt like hours the blond 'hot' cute guy came back " the Alpha will be with you in a minute ", then he walked away.I tied my hair in a high pony in frustration, I mean who does this Alpha person think he is making us wait this long!, " dad I'm really tired ,if this Alpha doesn't come down here like now I'm going to sleep on this couch and I will drool a whole
swimming pool on his precious couch! "i whisper yelled and Daniel actually laughed a little .
I rolled my eyes ,just then a really nice delicious smell filled my nose almost making me lick my lips unconsciously...It was fresh rain,cinnamon and at the same time it smelled like fresh forest leaves(I know its crazy)...damn I have never craved something so badly.
I almost jumped up when something or or someone yelled in my head ' mate!,our mate
omg!!!,' I scrunched up my eyebrows ' oh don't be scared,hi I'm your wolf Nina'. Oh no...' hi Nina'
' Here comes our delicious mate' she said excitedly, well I'm guessing my wolf was already head over heels for our 'unknown' mate.
A guy suddenly walked downstairs ,a young guy and he was talking to a blond girl 'she is so beautiful i thought ,he kissed her passionately before she walked away into another room and for some reason I growled? which caught my dads attention and he just gave me a raised eyebrow.' Nina did you just growl?' I had to confirm, 'our mate kissed that skinny bitch!,yes I growled!'. When the guy faced us I almost fainted , " Jake !" I said out loud but he didn't look surprised at all...he looked amused . 'well the world is a small place, but damn our mate is yummy..hmmm' Nina commented,i blushed furiously at her last comment.She should really reserve some of her comments if we gonna be sharing one mind!
My dad nodded his head to Jake as a greeting " Alpha Jake,good to see you are still well ". Jake gave him smug grin " like wise hunter"."good to see you too princess." Jake said smiling at me .I knew his smile was mocking me but I couldn't help admire his beautiful stormy gray eyes that amazingly were surrounded by a golden thin circle just around his iris .His muscles were so huge I could see them clearly because they looked as if they were about to rip through his tight grey t-shirt(poor shirt) 'don't you just wish you were that
t_shirt,stuck on those sexy abs'once ', again Nina's comment had me blushing furiously I was probably tomato red right now 'Nina stop it...Gosh' .I could feel her grinning proudly at her success at making me blush in front of our mate.
He was so tall,way taller than me_he looked around 6.3f-tall while I was like average 5.4f-tall 'at least i was actually taller than some girls at our school even my former girlfriends who were around 5.1f-tall' .
His hair was pitch black and some of it fell on his forehead ,it was wet... he probably just had a shower,I blushed and looked down....'what is wrong with me!'I'm admiring a
A loud growl got me out of my thoughts 'that wasn't me ',I looked up and I saw Jake staring at me,walking towards me and he whispered in my ears his eyes darkening, "I wouldn't look at me like that if I was you" he said with a husky voice 'it was so sexy!' Then he he kissed my neck making me gasp.My dad coughed loudly 'exaggerating his cough'. " can we get back to business now?" he said seriously .Oh God did that just happen !
Omg !Jake is the Alpha! lol that was so obvious
This is so great& Prisca just experienced her her wolf Nina!
Things are already getting heated for
Prisca &Jake!,even though he said he didn't want a mate the jerk is already falling for Prisca hahaha

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