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Sunday, 8 April 2018


I found myself around 3am sitting in my fathers car already in New Orleans driving to I don't know where!,I was so sad right now but I couldn't cry anymore because my eyes felt like a fuckin' desert after crying for hours at home locked up in my bedroom.
I mean I couldn't even say goodbye to my newest best friend Bryan because he was in Australia for the winter holidays which began on the fourth of July. But I did manage to send him a text message lying that I was going back to Canada to live with my mom 'because some problems came up'. I honestly felt so bad!.
" Where are we going?" I asked my dad who was trying to concentrate on driving since it was apparently too dark and we were surrounded by a lot of trees ,there weren't even street lights !.Honestly I was beginning to hate this place not only because there were no street lights but because I actually had a really bad feeling about this place.
"We going to the Silverstone pack,one of your protectors is there and his the strongest ...I don't like him very much but his the strongest Alpha and I trust him to take care of you while I take care of a couple of things " he said clenching his jaw,I could feel he was a bit tense and honestly so was I...'wait did he just say an Alpha ?,taking care of me? while he...oh hell no!.I mentally face palmed myself 'now he thinks I need a babysitter or this is his way of abandoning me,just like mom did. '
" You basically leaving me with a stranger that you don't like?,I really don't need a babysitter Daniel" I said crossing my arms trying to sound a bit more serious.
He sighed " its for your own good and please I don't want to argue about it right now...I already told you why I'm doing this".
I rolled my eyes there he goes again 'for my own good? And 'honestly does he think I enjoy arguing with him?," yeah right my own good or your own
good I'm beginning to wonder" I said sarcastically.
I noticed we were heading deeper into the forest ,how creepy ...maybe my father decided he was sick of me and finally wanted to get rid of me by killing me and dumping my body somewhere in the Forest 'nothing was sure anymore'.
Okay maybe I spoke to soon ,I should probably stay away from the ID extra channel.
We arrived at a really large gate with a few large men dressed like soldiers * note I said dressed like soldiers ,not that they were actual soldiers* .My dad showed them a card and we were allowed to enter. The place had a lot of houses ,shops and a few malls that we passed through ,I was guessing it was sort of like a small town .It took a whole one and a half hour to get to our destination.
We arrived at a huge house...wait it was a huge mansion with yet another large gate with a huge werewolf symbol in the middle .
My dad repeated the process of showing a card to yet four security men before they let us in 'are all the men around here huge and masculine'. I was guessing whoever lived here was some sort of President or someone really important because this place was damn beautiful and the mansion was a 'four storey building!'.
It was already around five am in the morning and the sun was already threatening to come out so I could see a little.The driveway to the parking area itself was a long way!
Maybe this was a hotel?
We were escorted inside the mansion by one of the security man 'why does this alpha have so much security anyways?.
I was speechless when we entered the mansion because there are no words in this world that could describe how beautiful it was!,the floor was shinning to the extent were I could literally see myself. The walls were all royal white and the hallway was so long and had a couple expensive paintings probably by famous painters .

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