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Wednesday, 11 April 2018


"So the girl will be staying with me,especially considering the fact that she is my mate,unfortunately" Jake said bluntly ,taking a seat next opposite me and my dad,' what does he mean unfortunately!, ' .I was really hurt somehow but I don't know why,its not like I wanted to be his mate either...right?.
My dad balled his hands into fists," she will stay here for a while and that won't be long!,she is my daughter and she belongs with me!... Alpha " he said the last part with a hint of disgust.
There was a tense atmosphere now,I could feel it and Nina was whimpering wanting to disagree with my dad. I was guessing she really liked Jake,which was a bad thing for me.
" What's wrong Nina?'
" we belong with our mate,your dad is making him angry I don't like it" she said . I rolled my eyes.
" Nina our mate so you say...doesn't want us okay,calm down besides he was making out with the blondy remember"
She didn't reply.
There was a loud angry growl coming from Jake,he stood up and marched towards my father who also stood up slowly to face an angry Alpha...I looked at them scared out of my fucken mind!,I could feel the power radiating off the Alpha and it made my wolf whimper even more wanting to submit?.
" She is mine and I keep what's mine hunter,you have done your job well by bringing her to me although it was only a matter of time before I took her for myself" he said ,his voice was very threatening and hell it was scary plus full of authority. I just wanted to sink underground and stay that way forever.
My dad was trying not submit but even he couldn't be strong for long with the amount of power radiating off the Alpha.
"I submit" he said almost silently.
" Next time do not threaten to take away what's mine,I won't take that defiance lightly" Jake said ,then he called out to one of his maids I think.
" show her to her room,I will be up there with you in a minute"
Is he stupid?,he won't let me say goodbye to my father...hell no!.
I walked to my dad who looked as if he was about to rip out someone's heart and I hugged him tightly
"I don't like him,please don't leave or just take me with you" I whispered in his ear ignoring the Alphas deadly glare.
" I will be back for you princess,I promise .I love you"he kissed my forehead
"I love you too dad". He smiled and I walked away tears finally breaking loose and streaming down my eyes,I followed the little blond maid up the stairs.
" I'm sorry you had to leave your dad" she finally said breaking the awkward silence.
I smiled glancing up at her,she was a little bit shorter than me,her hair was short and curly ,I loved the golden blond colour it made her green eyes pop out and her bouncy curls framed her face beautifully. Her skin was a little olive and surprisingly she did not have even one spot on her face!,honestly she was just truely beautiful.
" thank you,I'm Priscilla but you can call me
P risca"
" Nice to meet you Prisca I'm Cathy,I just came here yesterday I'm on punishment for insulting one of the police forces so now I have to help the cleaners in the pack house for a week!" She complained,then stopped at a door and opened led to another hallway with more stairs!this place is huge.
I coughed out a laugh " and why would you insult the police?"
She sighed " because she was being a total bitch,she honestly wanted to arrest me for accidentally spilling juice all over her!,I even
apologized twice .Now here I am doing dirty work without payment"

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