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Friday, 13 April 2018


I felt kinda bad for her but so far I was starting to like the girl.
"sorry,how long are we gonna take to get to this room of mine!" I decided to change the topic.
"Honestly this is a huge pack house ,The Alpha stays on the fourth floor...he uses the whole floor..its like his own penthouse .The rest of the house is used by the pack .The Alpha wants you to stay in the penthouse " we entered an elevator!...they have an elevator oh my freakin' word.After a few seconds we were on the fourth floor.
Cathy opened two large wooden doors which led us into the most beautiful sitting room ,it was so elegant and spacious. Everything was white and glass,white leather sofas ,white walls and a large glass table along with a glass vase with white roses .There was a lot of light coming from the large French windows in the room.
"its so beautiful " I said out loud.
" I know,that's exactly what I thought when I came here for the first time. Beautiful and huge which only makes the job harder for me.OK follow me to your bedroom" I followed her into a corridor that was also painted white with a few paintings hanging on the walls and there were a few closed doors.
Cathy opened one of the doors " this is your room for now"
I entered the bedroom ,the walls were cream and the bed was in the middle covered in purple bedcovers,which made me think this was someone else's room" what do you mean for now?".
She threw herself on the bed and looked up at me with a naughty grin which only made me raise an eyebrow "well this is Mila's room,she is the Alphas younger sister but right now she is in France for a holiday. Besides I overheard that you are the Alphas mate!,its only a matter of time till he decides to take you up in his room and you guys get down and dirty" she wriggled her two eyebrows.
I mentally screamed for her to go die,I blushed furiously "God!,what's this thing about mates!" I took this opportunity to ask about whole thing.
Cathy looked at me with wide eyes obviously shocked "oh poor Priscilla,a mate is like your destined lover. The bond between you and your mate is stronger than any other human relationship because its truly made for you by the moon goddess herself. You feel more attracted to him and you can be very possessive over him .If your mate is an Alpha the bond is way more stronger, every bond is strong according to your mates rank.If his a beta the bond strong too if his an Alpha its very extremely stronger. That's why Alphas usually mark their mates as soon as they find them,a mark is bite on the neck to show that you belong to him and to also strengthen the bond and then you get down and dirty to complete the mating ceremony "
I had my eyes wide open as Cathy explained ,I felt as though my eyes were about to burst ""
After a while of talking to Cathy she had to go back to work although referred it as "torture". I was left alone and I decided to look for something to eat .
I roamed around the house until I finally found the kitchen ,I wasn't surprised when I noticed the white walls and grey counter,black touchscreen stove,grey kitchen table and chairs. The Alpha must be a very neat guy I guess . This made me smile and I don't know why.
I prepared myself some two minute noodles I found in the kitchen cabinet and I made myself fried chicken. ' now the big question is how the hell am I gonna get out of here' I thought out loud whilst filling my mouth with noodles. "Tastes so good".
" Quick answer princess ,you are not going ANYWHERE and if I where you I wouldn't try anything stupid ...or there will be consequences to every one of your actions " a deep voice said behind me .I widened my eyes . How did he get here so fast and quiet!.
How did he get here without me knowing!,I turned on my stool to look at him...damn he is so hot!
" Uhmmm well ..I guess you should just let me go then so I don't have to do anything STUPID right?" 'Ohhhh why did I say that!"I mentally face palmed myself. He smiled 'his so cute,HE SMILED!' .I raised an eyebrow out of curiosity .
" Nice try Princess but you are 'mine' and I keep what's mine right here with me" he said, like its an obvious thing in a sort of 'duhhh' tone. I don't know but I just couldn't help but answer him back .rudely.I crossed my arms " but you managed to live without me 'Alpha' and I'm sure you can do without me." I smirked 'victory'.
He narrowed his eyes at me and closed the distance between us by walking forward,I glared at him. He grabbed my hair from behind making me gasp and look him in the eyes forcefully.
" if I say you stay 'Princess ',you stay and don't disrespect me because I'm your Alpha now. Next time hold your tongue or else.."
Before he could finish his statement an exaggerated coughing sound distracted us,he looked at me for a minute and smirked before letting my hair go.
My scalp was sore 'cruel bastard!',he hurt me..what kind of a mate is he!.
" The kind you disrespected and you deserved what you got" Nina cut in trying to defend the bastard..
" Now you decide to talk to me,I did not deserve that and its his fault I.."
" You two should get a bedroom if you gonna get all down and dirty" a voice said behind me .Jake finally moved away from me. I didn't even realise he was standing in between my thighs.I blushed ' thank God the guy needs to learn something about personal space' .
I turned around to see who it was and I was surprised. It was the red headed girl I saw at the restaurant back in Chinhoyi ,well not to forget the random prediction she had while holding my hand' .
" We were not going to have sex Sophie" Jake said bluntly taking a fork and rolling it in my noodles!, I glared at him and he just smirked.
" Are you sure because from where I'm standing you guys looked like you were about to " she said with a grin,I blushed at her words 'these people are going to make me die of embarrassment '.
" Hi my name is Sophie,I know we met but I didn't get to introduce myself formally" she sat down opposite me and Jake. I smiled she sounded really bubbly and I loved her blue ocean bright eyes.
" I'm Priscilla but you can call me Prisca "
"Well you two have fun .." Jake said standing up straight to his true height,he was so tall.
"..and I wouldn't do anything stupid if I were you Princess" he continued the rest of his statement whispering in my ears,then he walked out leaving me blushing furiously with an amused looking Sophie.

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