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Saturday, 14 April 2018


"So you are my brothers lucky mate, i totally knew it", she stated with a glint of excitement.
I looked at her trying to study her " yes,I guess so and you his sister", i mentally face Palmed, of course she is his sister but i thought her name was Mila.
I felt my wolf roll her eyes and she sat on her paws" remind me again,why the fuck are we stating the obvious?".
I sighed "i have no idea, it comes naturally".
" Well, I'm basically his cousin sister,anyways I'm so glad you his mate!" ,Sophie said excited ".. .from the moment i met you i knew you were special, we need to celebrate!".
'Wait what?'
Sophie stood up and grabbed my hand, " where are we going?" i asked her confused. I mean what were we even celebrating!
She smirked " to celebrate at the werewolves club,you need to let yourself loosen up for a bit !"
"Jake is so gonna kill you.Or maybe he will eat you
up..." Nina sang .
I ignored her and smirked. I mean defying the Alpha?,i love the idea 'what is he gonna do. ' I think I'm in love with Sophie ' i thought to myself.
"Well let's see how long that love is gonna last once she gets us killed!" Nina complained.
"Girl you need to take a chill pill" .I told her with smile.
" i can't wait!,let's go. I have been dying to get out of this place for a while now" i told Sophie who was already dragging me out of the pack house.
"You are going to love the place!,its incredibly fun!"
We got into Sophie's black BMW which looked 'incredibly beautiful', its so good to be rich.
"Nice car" i said admiring the soft leather seats.
"Thanks,she's my favorite" Sophie stated starting the engine.
We arrived at the blue Bloods club after an hour around midnight. I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty for defying the Alpha but i shrugged it off. Nina was awfully quiet,i was starting to get used to her company in my head but i knew she was against me going out without Jakes approval.
" Welcome to The Blue Blood's Club" Sophie shouted grabbing my hand again,'this girl is going to pull my hand out of its socket one day.'
I followed her to a considerably big building with bright lights and loud music. I smiled ,i had a 'thing for parties '.
We passed by a buff guard who looked really scary and ready to kill. We showed him our IDs and he let us pass.
The music inside the club was even louder, i swear my ear drums were about to burst. I sighed in relief when surprisingly my favorite song started to play 'Lucky by Aurora'.
"Stay close to me at all times, let's get some drinks!" Sophie shouted unnecessarily considering the music was no longer that loud. I followed her to the bar avoiding all the dancing figures,'the club was packed'.
We sat on the black chairs by the bar,a curly blond man came to take our orders.
Sophie smiled at him " ḫi̮̮ T̮̮i̮̮m̮ ̮!,"
The man i now knew as Tim gave us a toothy grin
"Sophie!, would you like your usual".
" Uhm tonight we celebrating so give us something stronger,your best shots!" She shouted.
I raised an eyebrow at Sophie,i really had no intention of getting wasted tonight. Sophie noticed my facial expression of disapproval.
"Don't worry!,wolves don't get that drunk. Besides what's a celebration without getting a little bit wasted!"
Yeah,she was right i needed to get a little bit wasted but not because i was celebrating but because i needed to drown my sorrows.
"BRING IT ON!" I shouted back and they both smiled.
Tim brought a two large bottles, one with blue liquid inside and another one with black liquid.
" I'm going to mix your shots and you two are going to be having the blue blood shots!"
I frowned " what's a blue blood shot?"
Sophie laughed " A blue blood shot is a were wolves biggest weakness when it comes to alcohol. Were wolves systems are different from humans!,we don't get drunk easily by consuming simple human alcohol." She smirked "but we do have our own alcohol called the blue blood shot. If humans drink that they would probably die from an alcohol overdose just by having one shot!. This is why this club is called the Blue Bloods, the shots are only given to werewolves but humans don't even know about it"
I widened my eyes in realization " oh, that's so cool!".
Tim and Sophie both laughed at my childish comment. After Tim finished mixing the alcohol he poured it in two tiny glasses and he handed them to us. I picked up my glass and immediately drank it all quickly.
" JESUS!" I shouted out loud, the shot was strong. I felt it burn as it entered my throat but i loved the sweet taste it left on my tongue. I could already feel myself getting tipsy.
I saw Sophie shaking her head vigorously as if trying to get rid of her tipsiness.
" Another ONE!" She shouted.
After that we found ourselves having several shots,one after the other. All i can say is that i was already wasted. After a few more minutes i found myself on the dance floor, dancing with Sophie like crazy people to Sia and Zayn's song 'Dusk till Dawn. Then after an hour we were dancing like mad people to Axwel_&Ingrosso'z song More than you know.' I love that song!.
I didn't even notice that there was a guy behind me,he grabbed my hips and started dancing with me. I was having the time of my life!,as for Sophie i had no idea were she had disappeared to.
When my head started pounding i knew
i had to look for the toilets before i vomit all over the dance floor.
I started walking away like a drunk Zombie. I stumbled a few times and held the walls for support. I couldn't feel Nina at all and i was guessing it was because of the alcohol. " Nina...a..little..he.l..p please...wake up" i said stuttering. I needed her strength,i could barely see clearly anymore. I am fucking wasted right now.
Before i could reach the toilet i was smashed to the wall " Ahh!,what the hell!" I screamed.
I looked at the guy who had me trapped by the wall and noticed he was the same guy who i had been dancing with.
He put his head on my neck,he started sniffing my neck. I tried pushing him away but that didn't work,i was helpless. " me!"
He just smirked " no ".
With that simple answer he smashed his lips on mine and roughly started kissing me roughly . I could feel his sharp teeth almost piercing my neck .I couldn't believe this was happening,he was either going to rape me then kill me and no one was going to help me!.
I closed my eyes but suddenly the guy was pushed away from me and there was a loud fierce growl. I fell to the ground and watched as a figure beat the shit out of the guy who was about to rape me. I was picked up by my sudden hero, my vision was still blurry but when i heard his voice i knew i was in big trouble, 'shit'. "You defied me..." he said anger filling each word that came out of his mouth.

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