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Sunday, 15 April 2018


Fear,constant blood draining fear. That's what I was feeling,the kind of fear that makes your heart sink,your stomach twist and your body shake violently. Right now I was wishing for death itself and trust me anyone would too in this situation. Maybe defying the Alpha wasn't such a good idea after all. I was incredibly ashamed.
After last nights episode the Alpha practically threw me on the bed in my new room and stormed out,literally slamming the door on his way out so hard it almost broke off its hinges . It was all a blur but also very clear to me that he was looking as scary as hell.
Thankfully I managed to fall asleep despite everything but unfortunately today was another day. I woke up feeling like shit and sadly I remember everything that happened including the fact that I got myself into deep shit. I regret waking up at all,why did he even save me if he was going to kill me anyways. I brushed my hair off my face using my hand. I still remember the look on his face and he looked like he was going to rip my head off.
The fact that my wolf wasn't talking to me didn't make things any better and I was really worried about her. I got off my bed and stumbled to my in built luxurious bathroom. I took a long hot shower to help get rid of the hangover. I slid down the walls slowly until I was on the floor.
The shower was huge enough to fit more than ten people,it was crystal white including the tiled floors and there were double French doors. If anyone was to walk in they would definitely see my naked form crystal clear, which would be totally embarrassing.
After sitting in the shower for a long time I decided I couldn't hide from Jake forever so I wrapped a white towel around my body. Everything in the shower was literally white and it made the room feel like royalty.
The towel wasn't exactly comfortable since it reached my mid thighs but then again these weren't cloths. I squeezed my long raven black hair and dried it with another white towel. I looked at myself in the mirror by the sink and sighed. I had bags under my eyes because of the lack of sleep ,my hair had outgrown itself, it was long enough to reach my waist and my skin was looking a bit pale . I was looking terrible.
I got out of the bathroom and entered my bedroom. My heart literally stopped beating when I saw non other than the Alpha Jake ,sitting at the end of my bed. He looked as breathtaking as always but that's not what I was concerned about right now. I didn't know what else to do so I did the only thing that came into my mind at that moment. I ran back into the bathroom and locked the door behind me . I let out a long breath and backed away from the door. Maybe I will have to hide from Jake in here after all.
"To say that's the stupidest thing you have ever done would be an understatement " Nina commented,I was a bit annoyed at her little comment but I was glad to hear her in my mind again.I sighed "I know OK,I couldn't think of anything else, "I sat on the toilet seat , "I hope his gone." Sadly it was only less than a minute before I heard Jakes firm voice outside the door. I gripped the toilet seat when he started talking.
" Are you going to come out now or do you want me to do this the hard way ?," he said and I didn't answer "okay ,the hard way it is ."
I didn't know what he meant by the hard way but I don't think I liked the idea of it. One thing was certain though,i wasn't coming out of this room any time soon. My bubbles were burst when the door swung open with so much force it look like it was going to break in half . Jake looked down at me with a bored expression and a frown on his face. On the other hand I knew my eyes were wide open,my jaw hung open and I probably looked like I have seen a ghost.
He walked towards me ,I had no where to escape to and he grabbed my arm softly making me stand . He was way taller than me and he looked very intimidating considering the fact that my shoulders only reached his chest and my head was below his jaw. I felt so tiny and vulnerable. He dragged me out of the bathroom silently while I looked at the floor like there was something very interesting about it.
When we entered my bedroom he threw me on the bed like I weighed nothing. I grabbed my towel fast so it wouldn't fall and I sat up straight but I didn't dare meet his eyes. I knew better.
" What is it?,Do you find pleasure in defying me little wolf ," he said walking towards me slowly , "do you want to know what i ' find pleasure in?." he stopped walking towards me and tilted his head a little as if thinking about something very amusing. Right now he looked like a sadist. He felt like a predator and I felt like the prey. I moved a bit away from him and he noticed.
Jake smirked at my little movement , "why are you so eager at running away from me mate,it really hurts my ego " ,he frowned but I knew he was mocking me. He stood in front of me within a second and grabbed my chin forcing me to look up at him. My breathing was ragged and I felt like I was about to pass out.
He squatted so he was eye level with me,his face was so close I could feel his warm breath on my face, "next time you pull a little stupid stunt like yesterday I won't hesitate to lock you up in the dungeons with shitty rogues to keep you company." ,he threatened and I widened my eyes in shock "Do you understand!" he said so loudly and harsh that I gasped and nodded quickly. He looked at my face as if searching for something and then he looked down at my body making me squirm uncomfortably .
His eyes darkened briefly which surprised me but then his expression turned stone cold again
"Good,you will be locked up in your room for a week until schools open ".
I removed his grip off my chin with a growl completely furious, " What!,you can't do that!. You have no right to lock me up in here!." . I don't know where the confidence came from but I was shocked that he wasn't angry.
He looked at me bored and turned his back walking away. He reached the door and smirked
"that's were you are wrong mate,I own you now and I can do whatever I want. This is my house and you are in my territory. You are lucky I'm not locking you up in the dungeons, next time you will think twice before defying me."
He shut the door and I heard him lock it . To say I was beyond furious would be an understatement!

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