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Tuesday, 17 April 2018


I let out a long breath and buried my head in the magazine. Just then I heard the door open slowly,I quickly looked up and my eyes met an amused Cathy. I sat up straight and smiled at her,glad she was here but I couldn't help the disappointment in my heart. Somehow I was hoping it was Jake.
Cathy smiled back at me closing the door behind her. She came and sat next to me, "sorry I didn't
come to visit you earlier ,Alpha Jake kind of
threatened to rip our hearts out if anyone or
anything came close to you." she said with a terrified look on her face. Unbelievable, Jake was psychotic!. I shuddered at the thought "its okay,I
wouldn't want my only friend here to have her
heart ripped out .But how did you get in?,Jake
literally locked the door before he left."
She smirked "well I kinda told the Alpha I had to
bring you lady stuff and when he asked I had to
tell him something . So I told,wait I mean I
showed him...", she brought out a bag I didn't even know she was holding and she pulled out a box with a lot of tampons and pads .We burst out laughing and she clutched her stomac h , "you
should have seen his face!,he was literally red and
he literally threw the key in my face."
I spent the whole day with Cathy and she even cooked me a nice home made meal stating I would get some sort of cancer if I kept eating junk food,she literally called it rotten food. She helped me clean my bedroom and made me dress in a pair of even shorter blue shorts and a red thin tank top claiming it was like a hundred degrees outside,which was absurd considering how partly cloudy it was. She braided my hair into a fish tail. Cathy was really wild,I already figured that out the day I met her. She was beautiful,open, fun,outgoing and today I learned she was 19,liked horror movies just like me,she loved cooking,partying,rock music,playing hide and seek and she couldn't wait to meet her mate. Well she said as soon as she meets him she was gonna jump him even if she was still a virgin,she said she wasn't scared at all.
I laughed a lot with Cathy till my eyes were filled with tears,we watched horror movies only because Cathy claimed romantics were too obvious and I agreed with her.When it was time for her to leave I was really sad about it but she promised she would come again on Friday.
I really wasn't expecting Jake to come home today, so consider my surprise when a shirtless Jake entered my room looking drop dead gorgeous even if he was all sweaty with ripped jeans hanging loosely on his waist. His hair was messy, but the messy look looked so hot on him,honestly how can someone look like they just survived world war 3 with a lot of bruises and still look like a drop dead gorgeous model at the same time.
"Staring is bad... but drooling at me is another whole level of weird" he said bluntly still leaning on the door frame. I blushed furiously and looked anywhere else but him, "what do you want" I said silently fiddling with my fingers. He walked towards the end of the bed were I was sitting and stood right in front of me , "what do 'I' want?,right
now I want to do a lot of things with you..." he said holding my chin up so I was looking at him, "
but unfortunately that's not the case,someone is
here to see you. His going to be your personal
trainer. "
I let out a long breath when he let go of my chin
,"oh...okay" . He smirked and put his hand behind my ass making me gasp,he picked something up and placed it carefully in my hand ,"you should put
these somewhere less revealing. I will be be in the
kitchen with your trainer." I saw him walking out and quickly looked in the palm of my right hand,I was beyond embarrassed and probably tomato red by now. It was a tampon!.I cried out loud in my mind,right now I just wanted to dig a hole and bury myself in it. Thanks to Cathy I had to face this embarrassment all by myself.
After hiding all the tampons,which I didn't need by the way because I have never used them in my entire life;I tried but it hurt like a bitch and I decided pads were my thing,I headed to the kitchen. I heard Jake talking to someone who sounded like...Bryan!. I walked faster and when I reached the kitchen I froze on the spot , "Bryan!"
I ran to him and gave him a tight bear hug. I missed him so much!. I was so overjoyed I could feel tears in my eyes,tears of joy. Now the question was "what are you doing here?" I asked letting go of him. "Uhmmm I'm your trainer" he said almost inaudibly.
"What?" , oh God.

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