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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


"What!" Oh no, "you are my trainer...what's going
on here?" . I asked frozen,I was staring at Bryan wanting him to tell me what I was thinking was wrong and he was a dog trainer or something. Unfortunately his facade was confirming my worst fear.
Before I could even control my emotions I felt my hand slap him hard .He seemed unfazed by the slap, "Prisca...I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you but
I couldn't ...i" . I cut him off, "you What! ,let me tell
you what you did! lied to me Bryan!. How
could you!,I truste d you. Every time I thought I
was going crazy you couldn't tell me the truth and
I fucking confided in you!...oh my God!"
I breathed in and out. This was not happening-my whole life was a lie. I felt my hands shaking and I knew I was having a panic attack. Everything was a lie and right now I was so terrified of not knowing what was real and what was not.
Bryan was the only person i thought I could trust...the only real thing in my life. Knowing i could count on him was the only thing keeping me from falling apart and now that him being real was also a lie just broke me.
I couldn't breathe,I needed to leave this place and just go. I needed to get away from everyone,my mom,my dad,Jake and Bryan. It was definite thing that I was going to leave.
I felt my lungs constrict and my breathing stop. Before I crashed on the floor I felt warm tingly hands on my waist " need to breath Priscilla" Jake's voice said softly but I just couldn't. He was also a lie...was he even real!,maybe he wasn't and maybe this whole werewolf thing was a fucking joke!
I felt Jake move in front of me so that we were face to face. His face was so close it actually made me suck in a large breath of air. He looked really serious but then again when is he ever not serious...I really wanted to snort at that.
"If you don't start breathing right now i will make your death much easier by sucking the life out of you" ,he threatened making me scrunch my eyebrows. And here I was thinking he actually wanted to help me breath.
He grumbled definitely annoyed seeing that I wasn't going to breath and I was already seeing tiny stars ready to pass out any moment now. I heard Bryan shout out something I couldn't make out because it sounded so distant. I really was dying.
Jake said something incoherent and next thing I knew he had crashed his lips on mine. I widened my eyes at the buzzing tingling sensation brought by the sudden kiss. My heart beat increased making me breath in and out through my nose. I felt him literally sucking the breath out of me "the bastard actually meant it!".
To save my life I breathed in and out again through my nose. I tried pushing him away since he kept sucking my breath. He was a mad man... honestly. Finally I gathered up all my strength and pushed him off me.
"You bastard...are you fucking crazy!,who even does that!. You psychotic asshole" ,I yelled at him.

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