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Thursday, 19 April 2018


Instead of being angry the crazy prick just smirked, "you are breathing aren't you?". I raised my eyebrows at him in confusion and then it hit me...he knew if he did that I would get my shit together and my panic attack would stop. It was a distraction-i should have known!.
I blushed furiously "uh...well...uh uhm yeah" ,I looked anywhere else but him. I was so embarrassed I was starting to wish the ground would just swallow me up. I could feel the Alphas heated gaze towards me and it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable.Why does he always have to embarrass me and put me in awkward situations.
A loud sound of someone clearing their throat exaggeratedly distracted me from my thoughts of embarrassment. We both looked at Bryan expectantly...'i almost forgot he was still here'.This brought me back to my painful reality.
Bryan's ears turned red, whenever he was nervous I learned that his ears would turn red and he would scratch the back of his head furiously. I always thought it was adorable but now I just wanted to smack the back of his head so badly.
"I...just wanted to say I'm sorry things had to turn out this way Prisca. You are still my best friend and I love yo..." , before Bryan could finish his statement a loud threatening viscous growl cut him off. I turned and looked at the source of that sound and caught a very angry looking Jake glaring at a scowling Bryan. However Bryan just shrugged and continued with his statement, " I was saying I really love-" he was cut off again by another growl. This time I turned and scowled at Jake.
"I love you as a FRIEND!...geez. I don't wanna lose you Prisca. You are the most honest,crazy,caring and genuinely loving friend I have
ever had.I will give you this time to think about-stuff but I really hope you forgive me. I...don't think I could live without your forgiveness Priscilla" he looked down with guilt radiating off him. I knew he was avoiding my gaze.
I breathed in deep,"yo u are right Bryan I do need time to think about...this whole situation. I will talk to you tomorrow and I'm really disappointed in you and it hurts that you just had to be amongst the people who hurt me the most." After getting that off my chest I stormed out of the room wiping off the stray tears that had managed to come out.I couldn't help but feel so much pained because I had been betrayed and lied to my whole life. I don't think I can ever forgive that.

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