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Sunday, 1 April 2018


o ,i woke the next Sunday morning feeling very sick and hot i didn't even feel like waking up .I struggled to sit up straight on my bed and i looked at the mini-clock on the small table beside my bed,SIKES! It was already 10:00am!. Why didn't Daniel wake me up? .I tried getting out out of bed but when i stood up i almost fell on my feet,my legs felt numb and i could feel heat rising from my feet up to my whole body "oh my God", it was unbelievably hot. I looked at the picture of my mother on the table holding on to the table trying very hard to regain my balance "give me strength" i whispered to myself.
This was the same way i felt in my dream 'heat' i was burning all over again,i wanted to scream but somehow nothing came out. I looked at my mothers picture again and suddenly memories of her telling me to leave the house and abandoning me to a man i hardly knew came flashing back to me like lightning,i felt anger i have never felt before and tears began filling my eyes . I closed my eyes and i let out the loudest scream when i felt intense heat rising up to my face. I felt my tears burn like boiling water as they trickled down my cheeks and i screamed louder at the pain,what was wrong with me!. Reality struck me, i was truly dying.
When i opened my eyes Daniel was shaking me begging me to snap out of it,i stopped screaming but i couldn't stop shaking or crying. I was still in pain but i managed to look at him .I realized he was holding a big jar but there was no longer water in it, "oh my god priscilla,whats going on with you,what in the world do you think you are doing?", suddenly the heat stopped but i felt a bit dizzy, everything was a blur .What was he talking about,couldn't he see i was in pain. I struggled to let out the words but i was so mad at him for asking me that ".what do you mean?" i finally asked breathing hard and i saw his eyes filled with confusion and anger "Why did you burn your mothers picture Prisca!,why?" .
I widened my eyes at the statement and snapped my head at where the picture had been and i saw nothing but ashes ,even the little table had burnt down. I was dumbstruck ,i could only say nothing else but "i...didnt...did not do that..i didn't", i stammered but Daniel only stood and glared at me his eyes still holding that death stare but he was still confused maybe debating whether to believe me or not but shockingly he knelt down beside my bed were i was sitting and his face changed to a more softer and friendly look. I was beginning to think he was bipolar or something. One minute he fuming mad and the next he looked so kind and caring.
"it's okay...It's okay love I'm sorry for lashing out on you like that,i know you not feeling well right
now, why don't you go take a cold shower and i will be back with something to lower down your fever", he said putting the palm of his hands on my forehead checking on my temperature which was obviously very high even i could feel it. I just nodded my head but wondered why he didn't go on to ask me how i had managed to burn the picture to ashes like that without setting my whole room on fire;i watched him leave my room till he closed the door behind him.I stood up quickly, surprised that i could feel my legs again...i looked around for any matches or a lighter,i couldn't remember setting anything on fire all i remembered was staring at the picture in anger and thats it!.I needed to talk to someone who would believe me and try to make sense out of things"Bryan!" i said to myself, i had to sent him a message to come over 'ASAP!'

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