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Monday, 2 April 2018


Omw!Elizabeth is alive!i know i know its crazy right!
Oh well yeah at least that's something.
Anyways loves thank you again for reaching this stage in my boooook!so far i have one Read on the seventh chapter&For that person i will definitely write the eighth...yes i prioritize each and every one of my readers!Hellz yeah;-)oh and above is a picture of Jena...
Bryan had gotten to my house an hour after i had called him and i had explained everything to him in a hurry. He sat at the edge of my bed looking at me blankly,did he actually think i was insane!," please,earth back to Bryannnn!say something at least!" i said snapping my fingers in his face. At least he snapped out of whatever thoughts he was having. "i...i don't know what to say,this all sounds crazy and unreal. You telling me you burnt that table without physically doin' it with a matche stick or a lighter" he stated trying to understand the whole situation ,he started pacing. "i know it sounds crazy Bryan but do you think i would actually burn my own table and my mothers picture intentionally!risking the whole situation of burning this house down...damn im not crazy ok!", i said to him frustrated i had to sit down.
"its okay ,i know you of all people wouldn't be stupid enough to have a death wish like that but now we really have to figure out what the fuck is
goin' on with you. Before things get out of
hand." , he said sitting next to me on the bed. We looked at each other and we both smiled, we both knew this was a mission.
Who was his mother talking about!,at least she should have told her who these protectors were. Honestly, he rolled his eyes at the phone.Now how was he going to handle this whole situation.
He had left the house in the care of his daughter and Bryan. He trusted Bryan,his best friends son and little did Bryan know how great he was .His father Michael was a demon hunter, they had gone through a lot together and Bryan was to take over after his father although his tattoos were taking a bit too long to showcase.Maybe his father had already trained him on how to handle them and how to disguise them to the whole world.
He knocked on Michael's door and he didn't take long to answer, "my friend!come in we need to talk!" he said letting him in quickly.They sat in a large meeting room and there were about fifteen people there most of which he knew. "so we have all gathered here to discuss a very serious matter,i will get straight to the point...", Jena leader of red coven said standing up from her seat .She had long golden hair ,even though she was almost a hundred and thirty two years old she still looked twenty .She was very powerful and had been chosen by the hidden coven;the most powerful cavern to represent them and to also lead the supernatural world ,to keep it in balance so that the human world would also be safe and in balance.
" i was saying dearies there is a serious matter that has risen and needs to be assessed right away.The demon king has figured out somehow that the hidden coven still exists!This is very bad and we must do whatever it takes to protect them!.The demon king will try his best to slaughter each and every witch or creature of the sun as best as they can but lucky for us we are creatures of the night too,the moon goddess will protect us. Daniel you are a hybrid and leader of the grim warlocks,you and Michael will and must protect the Princess of the coven. You will have to keep her in the dark about her identity till we figure this all out!"
I know yaaaaalz like seriously Bryan a demon hunter!well i will be damned!
Lolzzz things couldn't get more interesting.Ohh yeah Daniel is a hybrid..some of you are like a hybrid of what..well he is of course a werewolf&warlock!yeyyyz i didn't want him to be the usual vampire werewolf hybrid no no.

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