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Tuesday, 3 April 2018


I was so frustrated today and definitely knew being at school today wasn't going to help my situation in any ways. All i could think of was that i needed answers,there are two ways to my problem either I'm going insane or I'm some kind of cliche alien!.
I got into my fourth class which was Literature and i almost choked after i saw one of the seniors me and Bryan häd seen last Saturday at the 'chicken inn' restaurant. 'what is he doing in my class' i thought out loud while walking to my desk.
I could literally feel his stare burning through my skull and it made my whole body feel heated. Thank God the teacher Mr Huggins walked in. "good morning students,today we will be doing a critical analysis on the poetry 'RedWolf' and our best senior poetry student Mr Jake Adams will be assisting us today" after his statement everyone started clapping and i noticed all the girls were excited as if they had just heard Justin Bieber or Taylor Lautner was assisting.
After literature i quickly walked out of the classroom just so i could avoid this senior 'Jake'...i just didn't feel right around him,he made me feel nervous,shy,heated and excited for no good reason. I didn't like the way my body and heart reacted around him, it confused me and i didn't want to probably faint if he ever came to greet me or something.
I was walking really fast on my way to the locker room when i heard the voice again,it startled me
'what now?' i whispered to myself .After a long debate with myself I finally followed the voices hoping that maybe they were my answer to whatever was going on with me. They led me exactly to the school basement 'like seriously' i was starting to hate the place, there was obviously something "fishy" about it.
"is anyone here?...hello,i guess its only me then" ,i looked around and almost jumped when the door behind the chair opened,last time I swear it didn't open . My heart was racing ' well this is odd' , i walked towards the door and entered slowly with caution.
There was a long corridor,it was dark and the place looked like a dungeon. I shivered and walked following the corridor to wherever it would lead me .After a while i was beginning to think the corridor had no end .
Finally i heard voices ,like real male voices and decided to follow them after a long debate with myself whether it was a wise decision or not.I picked the latter because obviously it was not, in fact this was the most stupid decision I have ever made but I had to know I wasn't crazy. I had to get to the bottom of this.
I followed the voices to a room and i eavesdropped. "the Alpha is her protector and he is a hybrid!,we need to warn master Jasper about the
Alpha'z return!", the first voice said and i gasped at what i heard 'alpha?hybrids?' this didn't make sense. I peeked through the door to see who these people were,i mean aren't hybrids animals?,this didn't make sense. I almost screamed out of my mind after what i saw luckily someone covered my mouth and I felt sparks rushing all over my body and it felt so good and comforting. I was then dragged to a hidden corner. My heart was racing and I suddenly panicked remembering the situation I was in. I started kicking trying to wriggle out of whoever was covering my mouth. The person forced me to face him or her. "Jake?!"
"don't make a sound", he warned,dark stormy grey eyes looking deep into mine. I breathed in deeply and blushed at how close he was "what the hell? " but my heart still raced at what i had seen,did Jake see them too?,what was he doing here?. "Follow me and stay close,okay" he commanded,i wondered why he was acting so 'dominating' and why I felt compelled to follow his every command...i decided it was just my instinct and I didn't have much of a choice.
"first tell me what the hell is going on?what are you doing here?" i asked in a low voice but he only ignored me . "if you want to live you will stop talking and you will follow my 'orders' ." he started walking and i followed behind annoyed,if it wasn't for the whole 'if you want to live part i would have argued with him!,who gave him the right to give me orders anyways when he should obviously be giving me good damn explanations!.I decided I would ask him later on.

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