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Thursday, 26 April 2018


I woke up still laying on my bed feeling too lazy to stand up,so I waited for my brother or my mum to come and wake me up,then I closed my eyes,not knowing when my schmuck brother sneaked inside my room,switched off the light and
"Grrrr"he screamed,i jerked up from my bed feeling sacred
"Switch on the light you punk!"I said angrily,then he gently switched on the light
"Am sorry okay,i just wanted to scare you like a vampire"he said laughing
"Dont ever try such again,and I have been telling you a million times,there is no such thing as vampires okay"I said advicely
"Gush stop dreaming,vampires still exist,there is just scarcity of them,that's why"he said still on his feet standing
"Whatever just get out of my room"I commanded still annoyed,then he moved out slamming the door,i checked what the time was,then I remembered I was late for school, I rushed to the bathroom and refreshed myself.
"Mummy"I screamed as I rushed downstairs wearing a short pink ball gown,a pashmina around my neck,on my feet was a white striped flats,with my black hair poured down to my waist,carrying a yellow cross bag
"Mum take a look at my dress"I said happily
"Not bad though,you look great"mum replied wearing a smile on her face
"Where is frank?"I asked showing no concern
"He has gone for his dance rehearsals"she answered maturely.I was Gona be going to my new school today and I wondered what is gonna be like,as I was done taking break fast,then I drove off to school.
It's my first day in vanguard college,i wondered how many friends I would make.As I walked in the class gorgeously,i noticed all eyes were on me including the teacher
"Hey guys"I greeted faking a smile
"Alright I guess you are new here,so please come and introduce yourself"the teacher said as I walked to the front of the class nervously
"I am Kell Wayne,am new here,i hope we all get along"I introduced briefly,a sound followed my short speech
"So any empty seat"the teacher asked checking scrutingly,finally
"Miss wayne"said the teacher wryly
"Please move over here"I went hurriedly to my seat beside a guy whose dark hair is deemed covering half of His eyes with a sky blue eyes that suit his deep blue t-shirt
"Hey"I greeted smiling, he didn't reply,i decided to shut my mouth before I get another snub from him
"Kell meet me in my office "the teacher said as soon the class was over
"Now?"I asked
"Yeah now"he answered and left the class,i stood up and rushed out following him while running so I could caught up with him,while running I fell down
"Yish,what a mess"I said as I was about trying to stand up,i saw someone's hand at my front,i stretched my hand forward to that person hand and pulled me up,only for me to know that it was that snub
"Hi"he greeted softly smiling as I could see his dimple,i greeted back faking a smile
"Am Karl vamp,am sorry for not answering you in class"he apologized,so actually he heard me but Didnt just want to reply
"Am Kell wayne"I introduced myself,then Didnt know when I started smiling at him and he smiled back,i checked my wristwatch,i was already late
"Hmm Karl I gotta go,teacher needs my attention"I told him innocently
"Do you know his office?"he asked
"Huh no"I replied doubly,so he showed me the way to the teacher's office
"Thanks"I appreciated
"Your welcome"he said as he left me right in front of the teacher's office
"Come in"I heard a voice echoed out from the room as I knocked,i apologised for coming late as I walked in
"Never mind,have your seat"he said,I thanked him,he brought out a form and told me to fill it;I gave it back to him as soon as I was done
"Am mr Patrick by name and your principal"he introduced maturely
"Alright sir"I said
"You can leave now"he said as I obediently stood up and left his office.
As I got home I never resisted telling mum and Frank about how school went and the new friendly made,but I think am starting to like Karl.

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