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Friday, 27 April 2018


It wasn't bad leaving home anyway to come to the real world where I can live a normal teenage life.
It was a Monday morning when i went to school,i was lost in class,immediately Mr Patrick started teaching,a girl gorgously entered,she introduced herself as requested by Mr Patrick,her name as said was Kell Wayne,after introducing she was led to sit beside me
"Hey"she greeted me,i heard but couldn't reply causevi wasn't in the mood but was pretty sure she felt bad.
After when class was over,i stood up deciding to go to the library,on my way,i saw her on the floor,probably might have mistakenly sliped so I decided to help her and apologized for not replying when she greeted,i thought she was gona snide me after when I pulled her up but she didn't,i greeted smiling and she did the same too,we introduced ourselves and exchanged pleasantries,her name wasn't bad though, she looks wonderfully and beautifully made,smart with her dark blue eyes and her long black hair
"Hmm karl;I gotta go,teacher needs my attention"she said innocently,i was sure she didn't know the way,i showed her the way to Mr Patrick office.she thanked me,i left her blushing on my own.
I lazily jumped on the couch in the sitting room,thinking about Kell
"What the hell is wrong with me"I thought,i picked up my phone and called max
"Where the hell are you guys!"I yelled
"Chill lax okay,i forgot to tell you I,Ken and jade were going for an outing"he explained briefly
Great,without me huh"I said drably,he apologised
"Alright I will buy It"I said smiling
"School?"he asked,i told him about Kell
"Wow,she really looks hot even without seeing her"he said in a dotty manner
"I will introduce her tomorow"I said.
"Thanks bro"max said
"Extend my greetings to the guys"I said.
"No probs"he assured then hung up,max is like a brother to me,the onebi adore most,he is cool,handsome,good at keeping secret,smart and brillant and the only one who understands me most
"Gush"I said tiredly as I fully rested on the couch as my mind flashed back to my life In the vampire world,i actually missed my family anyway,now I am in the human world,i have to keep living my life alone,i didnt know when i fell asleep.
I hope you guys would like it.

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