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Sunday, 29 April 2018


As I,Ken,max,and jade entered the class I noticed no teacher was in the class and noticed Kell was on her seat alone,so I sneaked to her seat and
"Boo!"I shouted,she was seriously scared,but pretended not to feel for her so I faked a smile,i introduced Ken,max and jade to her,she greeted them,they all answered excluding jade,then I decided to bring up and idea, everyone accepted to it,excluding jade,something was wrong,i could read her mind,she didn't like Kell
"Okay why don't you join us in reading then"Kell suggested
"Am not in the mood,don't you get"jade yelled at Kell then went out,i couldn't see any reason why jade should be mad at Kell,jade isn't that type of person,i tried calling her cell but she wasn't picking,i was pretty sure Kell wasn't happy about that,she felt dejected,i felt every part of her on me,she was sad.
"Why the hell did you leave school?"Ken asked upsetly as we all entered the house,she didn't respond,they sat down expect me
"I know you dont like Kell right"I aske"yes I dont"she replied drably
"Of course you don't have to show it,she felt pretty bad in class"I said seethely,max stood up
"Come on jade you got no reason why you should hate kell"max said nicely jade stood up
"You guys just want me to be friends with her right"jade asked
"Yeah"max and Ken choruses simultaneously
"Am by just disliking her for no reason,i thought she knew about karl's identity, so I was scared she would leak it out"jade said carely,she cares about me,not bad
"Thats all?"max asked suprisely
"And I guess I was pretty bit jealous"she said then left to her room
"Wat da!"Ken said suprisely,jealous??why would she be,its not that i and Kell are dating or something or maybe jade likes me.

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