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Monday, 30 April 2018


It's Ken birthday, when I Ken and jade decided to go on a tour to a zoological garden,after when we finally got there,we were strolling around the zoo as we were going,we saw something more to say like someone lying on the floor lifelessly,we moved closer to it and saw it was a boy in from of a vampire,we were scared and was about to run
"I thought vampires don't exist anymore"I thought,as we were about to run,he stood up and groans in pains,then he fell down back on his knees,turning to his human form
"He Seems good,i think we should help him"I suggested
"Help him?don't you think its dangerous "jade said in fear,i couldn't utter a word cause I was also nervous
"Guys,come on He is weak,let's help him"I said,so we moved closer,carried him gently to the car and drove home.
"My name is Karl vamp"he introduced himself to us after we were done taking care of him
"You''re a vampire"jade asked,he answered saying
"Yes i am"
"So what are you doing in this world"I asked with full concentration
"I ran away from home,because ibhated where I stayed,every ritual tradition celebration,vampires sacrifices human,which I disliked"he explained briefly,i felt for his story and was flabbergasted,as at that day we took care of Karl and made him one of our friend and also kept his identity as a secret.jade made me remember this after when she said the reason why she didn't like Kell and also when she said she was a bit jealous,not like as if Kell and Karl where dating or maybe jade likes Karl,Karl is every girl's choice,he is handsome,cute,tall and brilliant,so I thought jade was jealous because she thinks Karl likes Kell.
Keep enjoying readers👌

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