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Saturday, 19 May 2018


Then came in Harry, he looked terrifyingly hot in his dark blue under armour shirt, pairing it with a dark coloured sweater tied around his neck and leather pants accompanied with a blue converse. A black duffel bag was carelessly slung over his left shoulder. His dirty blonde hair looked messy making him cute. His bright grey eyes anxiously scanned the whole student body until they rested on me. He heaved a sigh of relief and slowly walked towards our seat.
"I thought you weren't going to come" he whispered softly, shifting his eyes to meet mine.
"I can always change my mind and jump out you know!" I laughed, pushing away that nervous feeling I was getting from staring directly in his eyes.
"And I'll be right there to catch you this time and I won't let you go" he smiled. A genuine one, why should anyone be this cute?
I was about giving him a sweet reply, when a loud voice interrupted.
"Get a room already" Charlotte huffed, properly slinging a huge bag on her right arm. Her best friend, Natalie stayed by her side, with her head phones on and shaking her head in sync to the song she was listening to. I looked at the heavy bags beside them.
"Seriously girls? We aren't going to a seven star hotel. It's just a day's trip and you packed your whole closets" Ralph snickered from the back, making everyone laugh in reply.
"Whatever" she scoffed and hit her oblivious friend on the arm and walked to the back, settling in and Harry followed.
"Listen up, congratulations to everyone who made it" Mr. Tyler started and everyone roared in excitement, some whistled and gave loud claps. Including the girls and I.
"As I was saying" he continued, eyeing everyone. "An attendance book will be passed shortly to get everyone's names and maps will also be passed, I want you all to study them because our journey begins here!" He yelled, making everyone clap in excitement.
Max came in thereafter, apologizing for coming in late and settled at the back.
Immediately after that exciting statement, the bus jerked back to life, making me search shamelessly for Aiden.
Where is he?
Isn't he going to come?
I felt a little disappointed and I kept searching. Amber and Flora were in a heated argument that I dreaded to ask the subject because it would only bring me into it. I stared longingly at the seat adjacent ours and a soft gasp escaped my mouth, staring at a figure seated at the edge of the seat.
It was Aiden.
He was there all along, how come I didn't even notice him?
And he was staring intently like trying to figure me out. His Jade eyes studied me fervently. The bus shook slightly making his golden brown hair cover his left eye. I couldn't stop staring and I guessed he couldn't too. He was putting on a grey jumper and black leather pants accompanied with sneakers. I returned my gaze to his face, his full lips rose slightly at the side into a smirk. His jaw...
"Where you looking for me?" He smirked, furrowing his brow. The bus seats were situated slightly close to each other making it a little difficult for other people to see or hear us talk.
"Of course not" I answered after sometime, feeling a little embarrassed at myself, I flushed and turned my head away from him but he continued anyway.
"You can't continue to lie to yourself Tamara, it won't do you any good" he said, his face emotionless. I would have sworn it wasn't me being referred to but he said my name. His words lingered in my head, making me oblivious to my surroundings.

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