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Friday, 4 May 2018


The powerful seven letter word.
It wasn't only powerful, it was also dangerous because you wouldn't be able to detect what might happen the next minute. Even the fall of a pin could make your heart skip a beat.
Your mind would be in so many wild places as you're left wondering what's about to go down.
"Dude do you go dumb after saying a sentence or was that the only thing you learnt as a kid?" Travis asked.
Quite amusing of him to make a joke out of all this, if you ask me.
"Yo! I'm taking to you!" He yelled further.
I kept my gaze fixed on him. Studying his every action. I could tell his adrenaline level was high as he fought to cover up his fear. His hands were rough and shaky from the belt that was tired across the chair he sat.
"What the hell do you want from me!!" He tautened.
I smirked "Your cooperation".
"Oh so you speak English?" He acknowledged.
I threw a knife at the wooden door behind him causing him to glare st me. Lord knows I'm trying my best to hold in anger.
"Now, Do you know Gabrielle Salvador?"
"No. You got the wrong guy, bro" he answered immediately.
I smirked as I lifted a paring knife from the a box and walked over to him.
"See this here? It's was one of the tools used to flay. In order words, remove the skin from the face or body of a person. It was practiced all over the world. But China was the only country fund of it. I'm just going to carefully slice into your dermis, removing the skin of your face in one piece if you try to play smart with me. I'll make the devil anticipate your arrival in hell if you dare lie to me. Got it?"
He nodded in bewilderment.
"Good. For the last time. Do you know Gabrielle Salvador?" I asked him while I took my suit off and folded my sleeves.
There was no answer just the sound of a heart in trouble all over the room.
"Fine then." I muttered as I slowly dug the knife into the skin of his arm, slicing every piece out.
He groaned in pain but that didn't mean two fucks to me, if he won't do it the easy way, I'd love the hard way.
"Wait! Wait! Yes! I know her! Just wait!" He hyperventilated and I stopped.
"Look at the mess you made me do." I shook my head in pity.
"Have you been stalking her?"
"Yes but not always..Someone else does too" he explained.
"Who?" I asked quite interested in the story.
"Bro, I don't know.." His mouth snapped shut.
I picked up the knife to continue but the next thing he said made me want to slam his face on the door frame.
"How would I know?"
"You have no idea how much trouble you're in, you dumb slug" I sang as I gave him non-deadly cuts on his limbs and torso.
"I don't know shit nigga!!" He cried.
"Who sent you to do all these?" I ran pictures of him following gabby all over the place, including when he saw her at the Cafe and when he and some other men gained access to her house.
"Because I know buddy, a normal human won't do this for just cause. So who are you working for?" I inquired.
"Quite smart Luke"
"You see, I have always wanted to hurt Gabby. I just didn't know how" he laughed.
"Oh Travis..." I ran multiple cuts all over his body and watched him groan in pain as his blood dropped on the wooden floor.
"You think I'm gonna tell you who I'm working for? Go to hell bitch! Even if I'm gone, you and Gabby will still end up dead! You will watch her die and you will never forgive yourself! She's a goner! A walking corpse " His chest vibrated as he let out his last laugh.

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