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Saturday, 5 May 2018


"You've run out of time here, tell the devil I said hi." I said as I took a pistol and ran a clean shot over his forehead.
Bloody fool.
"You should have cooperated" I muttered beneath my breathe as I untied his body and dragged it to the backyard.
(/playing human by Rag n' bones/)
The feeling of the hand sanitizer seemed to calm my spirit down in a way I couldn't understand. Slowly, my past was beginning to catch up with me. Even if I die keeping Gaby safe at least I die a satisfied man.
I cleaned up the mess and disposed my bloody clothes to put on the one I got from the boutique. One last look at the place and at Travis grave, I got in the car and drove off.
Gabrielle's PROV:
It's been hours since I called Luke yet he hasn't returned mine. I called Milton to ask if he's at work but he told me he left since afternoon. I don't wanna believe what my head's saying to me.
Its past 9 and he's still not home. I'm going crazy! What if he's been kidnapped or worse killed. He told me not to go anywhere alone but he's out there! Not even at work!!
"Babycakes... You need to calm down" Quinn suggested.
"Calm down? No I don't think that's helping. Quinn, he hasn't called. He's not at work. He's out late. What do you mean calm down?" I blurted real angry at the fact that she thinks I'm overreaching.
"I know but.."
"You know what? I'm taking a walk. Who knows? I may find him dead on the streets!" I ran upstairs to change into something warm.
"Gabby! Calm the fuck down and stop thinking he's dead" she yelled.
The streets were cold as hell but not lonely unlike where I lived. It was different here. Everyone was still out selling things in preparation for Christmas. But I just needed one thing now. My favourite on a cold night; meat bread and ice cream. Yeah on a cold night.
I smiled broadly as I sighted a shop were things like that could be sold.
"Hi.. Uhm do you guys have meat bread?" I asked politely at the red head cute guy that served.
"I'm so sorry Miss, but we've got chocolate cakes and they just got out the oven" he smiled with full assurance.
"Okay I'll have that and a cup of vanilla ice cream, thank you" I got myself a seat while I sat wondering why Luke hasn't called till now.
Stupid conceited goat!
"Gabby?" I heard a familiar voice and when I turned, there stood Anne in an Apron. God...she looks so adorable in red and yellow.
"What are you doing here?" She asked.
"Oh I don't know. They sell dogs here so I obviously came to get them" I blurted my thoughts out for the first time in my life!
"What?" She frowned.
"I'm sorry.. I just needed air" I explained lowering my eyes.
"Are you okay?" She asked offering us another seat.
"I don't know" I sniffed and before I knew it my eye fountain began to pour.
"Oh my to me. Don't'll ruin your mascara" she comforted.
"I've got none on me" I smiled still crying like a wimp.
"You're so pretty" she smiled.
"Oh shup up. We both know you're prettier" again, I said something useless.
"Thanks but what's wrong?" She insisted to know more.
"I haven't heart from Luke..he's not at work.. He's not back home" I felt another tear find it's way down my eyes as I explained further.
"You think he's cheating?" She asked in a more surprised pitch.
"No.." I sighed.
"I don't know"
"He's not" she said.
"I's weird to say that but, we dated before.."
Yeah you didn't have to remind me.
" I'm sure he must've told you. And he's the loyal type. He's not a cheat believe me. Maybe he got called at something else that no one knows about" she offered me a bite from the cake.
"Maybe you're right. I should go now" I smiled.
"Wait, I'm almost done with my shift, I'll drop you off. Just eat while you wait" she hurried off without waiting for my opinion.
As promised, she dropped me off at Luke's. I was gonna lie about who's house it was but when she blurted out the truth, I just played along. She offered to take I, Quinn and my brothers to the zoo tomorrow afternoon since I was homesick already.
"Bye! See you tomorrow" I bid her and turned to open the door when I bumped into Luke.
"What the hell?!!! You almost gave me a heart attack!" I held my chest in relief.
"I thought I told you not to go out alone?"

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