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Saturday, 5 May 2018


Its been a week now and i haven't left The Williams house. I rarely see Austin and when i do his either busy or in a rush somewhere, i don't even know how its possible for someone his age to be Acting vice president of a multimillion dollar company, am guessing is their only son and he has to assume a lot of responsibilities in the family.
I decide to take a walk in the garden and came  across Mrs Williams on a phone call, i tell myself it looks important so i try to pass her without any interruption but she waved me to come over.
'He will be coming home tomorrow' Mrs Williams says on the phone as she waits for a reply
'Okay' and with that said, she hung up.
She turns to me and says
'how are you feeling today?'
'Am fine'
'Good and how would you like to leave the walls of this house?'
'I would love to'
'okay then, go change and meet me in the driveway in 10 minutes' she says as she leaves me to myself.
And i thought what a strange woman and who is coming home tomorrow?.

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