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Tuesday, 8 May 2018


“What my brother does is a mystery to me “, Phoebe said. “Don’t you think that’s odd?   Phoebe chuckled humorlessly.  “My whole life is odd?  A brother-in-law who. Who what?   She couldn’t admit it, couldn’t say the damning words that she was attracted to her husband’s brother.” who….bothers me. And yes I do think it’s all strange. Real strange. I just hope that I can figure it out soon before I go out of my mind.”
“Or before you get killed,” he said solemnly. A chill ran through her blood, “killed?” She repeated.
She had considered the fact that someone might be trying to murder her, but she’d always tossed of the idea, condemned it as her own brand of paranoia. To hear it from someone else made it so much real.
Phoebe sighed and shook her head. “No way”. This is too farfetched. I was in an accident, just last week. Period . There wasn’t anything sinister about it,” she said trying to convince herself. No one was really trying to kill her.

Or were they?
Why would someone want me dead?” she asked.
“Because someone’s afraid of you…..of what you remember…..” .there was a sound which indicated all was not well. He killed her. His muscles tightened. Shit he needed a cigarette.
She’s dead. You sent her black soul straight to hell.
And she fucking deserved it.
“Come on baby, light my fire…..”
Yeah, well, never again. The bitch wasn’t ever going to light anyone’s fire again. First victim gone, two more to go.

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