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Wednesday, 9 May 2018


                              *         *         *
A week after max decided it was time for him to make a move on Pepper. He dialed her number, after a second she picked  “Hi”, she said
“Hey Pepper. How are you doing?” he asked
“Great, how? ……I mean you and Fiona okay now like after the fight?” she asked
“Yeah, been trying to apologize to her, maybe I could use your help,” he said
“I will try my best ‘cos Phoebe would have been the best candidate for that but now she…she’s dead,” Pepper said and burst into tears.
“It’s okay you don’t have to cry…..alright?”
“Yeah, thanks…..Max there’s something I need to tell you, I figure you’re the only person I can tell right now.” She said
“Okay, how ‘bout dinner next tomorrow then you can tell me what’s wrong,” he asked
“That’d be great,” she replied
“Alright then I’ll come pick you 6pm.”
“Okay. Thanks”, she said and cut the call
              *                      *                    *

“Can I get you a drink”, Max asked
“Sure” Pepper replied.
Max returns with a bottle of scotch. Serves them each.
“Did Fiona mention to you she’d be travelling next month to Labasco?”
“Not at all,” Max said…..Labasco, Fiona is going to Labasco to do what?  He thought. “Why is she going there?” he asked
“She just said she wanted to tell your father about the fight you guys had and bla bla bla……now to my own problem.” She said
“You know what”, Pepper began.
“I’m scared”, she chuckled,” my world is unraveling fast. One by one members of my family are dying. I’m certain am being watched “or is she losing her mind”  “ lately I’ve heard  footsteps when there’s no one around, smelled a man’s perfume, and noticed small personal items missing from the house. I just hope I can uncover it soon before I…….”
“Get killed”, he said.
“What! ....I mean, what do you mean”, “if it’s a joke stop it”
Stands to take her leave, falls instantly.
Hmmm, she’s dead.
“One more to go.”

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