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Thursday, 10 May 2018


It’s the next car…….she’s coming in the next car, a black Mercedes coupe, an S500, travelling South, just as we planned”, Max said.
“I thought she drove a Porsche”, a voice crackling through the static of his two-way radio replied.
“She’s driving a Mercedes!” Max snapped angrily.
“You’ve got about ninety seconds”.
“Got it”. Eyes narrowed.
She was getting nearer.
His heart hammered. He remembered the scent of her skin, the look in her eyes. The depth of her betrayal. She deserved this, the self-righteous bitch. He only wished she could know that he was the instrument of her death.
Adrenalin surged through his blood.
“In the twinkle of an eye” a truck crossed her path.
“She was dead” she is still dead and will keep on dying as long as I know she’s alive.
                *      *      *
She couldn’t see, couldn’t speak……oh God. She couldn’t see, couldn’t move her hand. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids wouldn’t move.
“Ms. Fiona?”
Ms. Fiona? There was a touch, someone’s cool fingers on the back of the hand “Ms. Fiona, can you hear me?” The voice, kind and female, sounded as if it was carried from a great distance…..far away, from a spot on the other side of the pain. Me? I’m Ms. Fiona? That sounded wrong, but she didn’t know why.
  Was she dreaming, probably
“Your brother’s here to see you.”
My brother? But I don’t have…..Oh, God, what’s happening to me? Am I going crazy…..Yeah well I’ve gone crazy because I don’t seem to remember anything.    
      “Where am I?” she yelled    
“Ms. Fiona, please take it easy ….. What! Did you just talk, you’ve been in coma for the past six weeks. I’ll need to call the Doctor”
”of course… but wait did I just talk?”
“Yeah, your brother is here to see you”
Brother, brother, brother…….remember something his face, look, build, your parents…..just a waste of time, nothing seems to be coming up.
‘Tell him….no
“Tell him to come in”
‘’alright ma’am’’
A minute later, Max walks in.
“Fiona? It’s Max”…….he said. His deep baritone voice was loud.
“I don’t know you”
Oh God why couldn’t she remember?
Had she seen his face before, color of his hair, the width of his shoulders, the size of his shoes, any little trait… brother…..what? Impossible.
                   Max’s pov
I sat down on a chair.
Shit! She doesn’t remember me that serves the bitch right. I hope she remains like that forever.
“Never mind”, I said “the doctor said it’ll take only a couple of weeks for you to recover from the amnesia”
“Yeah, hope so”, she said.
Gritting my teeth, I strode to the bed and felt like a damned intruder. She was lying on her back, her face bruised and swollen beyond recognition, her jaw wired. “Jesus” I whispered.
This was Fiona.
My gut clenched. I’d told myself I would never forgive her for betraying me, but standing over her as I did now, I couldn’t help but feel a sliver of empathy for the pathetic bitch who is my sister. Damn she looked bad, barely alive I wish she had died…..fuck. Her head had been shaved on one side and there were visible stitches in the dark stubble. I hate this so called sister of mine……..shit, I needed a cigarette.
“The Doctor said you should be discharged in two days”, he said
“Why not now”
“Because you need to heal”

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