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Saturday, 19 May 2018


Chapter Ten

Dash *pov conts.

"What" Sophie exclaimed..

I don't know how to explain the situation at hand to her, and her pointes nipples is fucking distracting me, i can't think straight..

" I ... I uhm say that " i couldn't form Single sentence, what the fuxk is wrong with me..... I cleared my throat and kept my eyes straight on my windscreen..

"The senator came to discuss your transfer with our principal today, " I said.

"Why?  What did i do to your father? " Sophie said sniffing to control the angry tears threathen to fall.

The pain in her voice was what i dreaded most, i dont want her to ever feel pain again ever, but i dont know what to do, am just so helpless in thia situation, even mum is not helping...

"Sophie, listen you have to be strong, we could do this" i said attempting to hold her hands

"We?,  Dash we? There ain't no WE again, not for the past four months" She snatched her hands of me," and it's your Dad that keep butting into my Godamn life, why can't you people leave me be?? Why?  Why?... I watched as she break down to uncontrollabe tears,  Before i cold hold her and console her, Matt is already there, pulling her gentlely of my leather seats.. I watched as he whisper soft words and consoling her shaking frame..

Damn it, i punched the stirring, i should be the one holding her, i should be the one she's pressing her soft breasts on... Not him, even if he's her brother that don't justify it...

I zoomed out with anger and jealousy, when i got home, mum and dad were in a heated arguement.. fuck them both..

I walked past them and go straight to my room, after some couple of minutes i heard mum knocking... But i could only mutter go away, i dont need you..


I slept off without eating any thing, am just too sad and heartbroken to do anything..

The next day.

"Man, you won't believe what i just heard" Brian said after panting from whatever place he"s coming from...

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