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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


*chapter Eleven

Brian's face was full of surprise and wonder, I immediately guessed that the news ain't gonna be interesting...

"What's the news"I asked half interested..
"Matt's wants to buy half of this school shares"Brian said quickly as if he didn't believe the news himself, i would have do the same if am in his position, he's the youngest billionaire in town, and having some of the school shares is a good value for him atleast he will be able to protect Sophie from geting transfered... Unlike me, my hands are tied i can't even help the girl i love....

" Dash, Dash"

I really wanna help her, i know she will refuse any help from me, but still i want to do something..
"Dash, earth to you"Brian said snapping me out of my deep thoughts..
"What is it"i snapped at him.
"Wow, cool"
"Let's just go to class alright" i quickly added before he thinks am upset or keeping shit from him again.

My next class is Biology and Sophie is definetely gonna be there, i almost ran to the class because of the eagerness to see her,  but whenever i remember the look she gave me yesterday, my anticpation deflamed....

"Dude, care to tell me more about what we saw at the yesterday? "Brian finally asked.. Well i was waiting for him to ask but not when am face to face with Sophie, well really face to face.. Heck she's infront of me.. Sitting actually, in her grace mood... Attracting all attention unknowingly to herself,  she's so pretty, so beautiful, i couldn't resist touching her anymore,  i walked up to her and touch her.


"Yes Dash" she replied without looking at me,

"Look at me Sophie, Damnit, " i said almost losing my cool

"What's your problem dash? " just tell me

Our little chat is now drawing attention to us and i know that"s the least Sophie wanted right now so Sophie to the seat next to her, I looked around, no sign of Brian...

Where the heck is he, when I need him😕

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