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Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Dash *POV
I don't know whether to tell him the truth or just keep my mouth shut, what if he blames me for Sophie's dad death?, I can't lose him, he's the only friend I have in this hallow world...
"Brian, it's just some issues between us, we are gonna settle it sooner or later" I replied calming my elevating nerves...
"You know you can tell me what's wrong right? Is it about her sudden vacation? " Brian asked immediately snapping my attention...
"Yeah, kinda" I replied...
"You too should better settle fast, i don't want to be the lost puppy okay" Brian said while sipping his malt.. I am the lost puppy dude, lost and starved puppy, I mumbled, while downing a bottle of champagne,
** something doesn't seem right, I can feel it. Is it Sophie? Why did I feel like a bad thing is gonna happen! The last time I felt like this was on the day sophie's dad was murmured .
"You see sophie? " I said to Brian.
"Nope why" he asked but I was already on my heels, fuck... Nothing bad must happen to her, I can't live without her.. These past months was hell for me, she just have to be okay, I kept half praying and half mumbling until I get to where I left her... But the view I saw was heartbreaking and condensing, I couldn't control my anger as I landed a punch on his face, maybe several punches but he deserve it..
"Dash, let him go please "Sophie cried tugging as my shirt, but I couldn't stop the son of a bitch lay his dirty paws on my girl.. I couldn't stop punching him until he couldn't stand..
"Dash, please don't kill him" Sophie whispered, the distress and hatred in her voice stopped me from doing anything .. Please don't kill him? What the fuck does that mea n?
I let go of him while trying to calm my nerves, when I can finally breathe, I grabbed Sophie's hand and walked out of the place....
"You don't have to come running to my rescue, am not a damsel in distress " Sophie countered snapping her hands off..
"You sure look like a damsel in distress back there baby" I replied with a smirk..
" what am saying is that, I don't need your help, just leave me be" Sophie said walking away...
"Why?, why should I leave you be? I can't even help you anymore?, you didn't even wanna hear my side of story, why Sophie? Tell me why? I screamed out all my anger..
"Cuz I want to live without you" Sophie screamed back at me...
I felt weak immediately I processed what she said.. She wants to live without me, it means she don't love me anymore? Right?
I couldn't say a word until she was out of sight, then I dialed Brian's number...
"Dude, am in the corridor ".

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