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Sunday, 6 May 2018


When Brian came I almost cried out in frustration, where the hell was he before?
"Dude, had to stop by somewhere " he said pleading with a smile.. Big for nothing dude.
"Fine, you brought my car? I asked after composing myself..
"Yeah... Its in the park, but dude where is Sophie? Thought you came to pick her up!
"Well, she left early...
"No shit, I saw Matt on my way in, I swear that guy is getting cuter every day " Brian said drooling
"cute, ewhwee, he's not cuter than me" I said with pride. But wait are you sure you not gay?
"Well, I like gals, I mean shit, maybe I like both" He replied chuckling, I couldn't help but laugh at his confused face, I mean he didn't even know he's sexuality, he's that dumb.. But don't be fooled, he is brilliant, he almost beat me at our last science text and only Matt ever did, but he is transfered, we were never friends, even when Sophie and I were together we are always competing, we are of the same age, we will be 18, but he's kinda muscular than I am, but am taller than him, we've never been in a real fight, I think it not gonna be far again because am gonna go all length to win my girl back, even if it means going against her brother,Sophie might not be happy with it, fuck she upset enough.... Damn I don't know what to think..
"Dude, ain't that your dad car?
How can I win her back?, I want to he with her, walk the same path with her, I miss her so much.
"Fuck Dash, what the fuck are you thinking? Your dad is coming this way" Brian countered
"Fuck, fuck... What to do?

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