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Thursday, 17 May 2018


Chapter nine


Immediately we saw my fathers car, my first intention was to go to him and ask hin what he's doing here, but curiosity holds me back, maybe I should find out what he came to do, he's not even gonna tell me if i ask him modestly so why bother??

"You in for some adventure man"I asked nudging Brian shoulders

"Anytime, anyday" He replied with a half smirk. My kind of man, we follow my dad and his congregates  secretly as they make their way into the admin office, we watch as my dad enter the principal office, something is etching me that he didn't come here to gist or make small talks with the principal.... If only his bodyguards ain't lined up infront of the office, i would have go and eavesdrop, there ought to be a way somehow...

"The second window behind the lab"Brian said asif he's reading my mind.. We both darted towards the second window....

"With due respect sir, we cant possibly transfer Sophie to another school" principal said with a grim look.  she's one of our best student, and she have won a lots of awards for this school

" i will offer you two hundred million dollars to build the school hall and auditorium" My father said already impatient, he's used to geting his ways, why did he wants to transfer sophie? The only reason am still staying calm now is because Brian is holding me back, i would have burst into the godamn office and pour my guts out, is that even gonna help? My only hope now is if the principal refuse totally, it's a slim chance but am holding onto it

"Sir, we can't accept this offer, even if you think Sophie is a threat to your son, we can transfer her, we can only restrain her from going anywhere near him" Mr principal said,  that's it Dad is gonna hear from me...

I stormed out of the school and went immediately to the park, Brian threw the keys to me and i started the car,

"What's all that shit about?, i know your dad aint in support of you guys relationship but this not what am expecting" Brian countered giving m a confused look...

"Dude,  i will explain latter, i have to go somewhere immediately"i replied as i dropped him off, he waved at me but i already zoomed off...

Immediately i got to mum's office, the secretary told me she has a visitor but am too upset to care, i pulled the door and went in without a care, the supposed visitor was startled, but mum mumbled an apology and asked him to excuse us..

"Dash, what's all this suppose to mean? "What happened that you couldn't wait for me get home? "Mum retorted angrily.

"Your husband happened, did i ever ask him to control my life?, what have i ever done wrong? I replies back angrily, i know i shouldn't take it out on mum, but she's the only one that can talk to dad and he wil listen

"Anything your dad is doing right now is for you sake son"Mum said holding my hands pleading  earnestly
"My sake?  Right! What you gonna say, and here am expecting you to be surpris, I guess you already know what he did" I countered fighting back an escaping tear, I sniffed back the tear, and walked out of her office, she called me back and run after me but I already zoomed off

My love life is a shit, my family is a shit, and it all startes after Sophie's dad death, I don't know am driving towards Sophie's house until i saw matts red porshe....

I should just drive back, am not in the mood for matt's troubles, looks like i can't avoid it this time i thought as matt noticed my car and moved towards it..

" Care to explain what you are doing here" Matt asked giving me what i can interpret as "you are trying my patience look"

*Uhm, am just passing by" i replied ignoring the evil glare.

"Good, be off with you"

I was about to start the car, when Sophie came out of the house, she wore a faded jean and pink top, i could se the outline of her tits from here, guess she's braless, she's somehow fuller and her hips is wider with a tiny waist, she smiled and waved to her brother but immediately stopped when she notices my car, maybe this my cue the to leave, she's not happy to see me...

I ignited the car but knock it off when Sophie moved forward... Okay, not prepared for this, absolutely not

"Soph, Go back inside, you don't have to talk to him" Matt said holding her back,  I just watched as she shrugged her hands off and moves closer .... Fuck, am right, her tits is bigger, her nipple's pecking out of her blouse was my undoing,

Naughty thoughts filled my mind, I didn't notice that she's knocking at my glass,  I opened the door and she sat down gracefully,  I caught a glimpse of Matt moving inside the house, thank God..

"So why are you here? " Sophie asked knitting her fingers nervously..

"Was just passing by".

"You can do better than that" she said looking outside the window. Is she scared to be alone with me? Am not gonna hurt her and she knows!

"Seriously was just passing by " I said attempting to hold her shaking hands but she opened the door almost as immediately..

"My dad came to our school, asking for you to transfer " I said finally letting it out..

"What! ".....

Dash's dad is an asshole right?? 😂😂

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