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Tuesday, 29 May 2018


God has designed success equally amongst every man on earth,  but due to some ideologies,  most lady feel its only men that is assigned  to acquire money and wealth then take care of them,  many ladies has been financially enslaved by this mentality to the extent that some ladies cannot date a man that is financially down,  hence leading to the tragedies we mostly face in Nigeria,  girls going into prostitution, getting used for money rituals and so on, all victims on this course are simply lured with money before they met their waterloo, the material in between the ladies laps has given so much advantages to them money wise. And funny enough many guys has gone extra miles to seek money illegally just because the way they were being treated by ladies when they are broke. That is why the rate of guys, are much more than the rich ladies,  and even  60% of those rich ladies probably got rich through their rich partners and not through hardwork. When a lady is too dependant on a guy to be financially stable,  such lady is yet to find her purpose in life,  because idleness,  no work, more money will be her thoughts and the bible says "No food for a lazy man" .You have not achieved your purpose on earth if you don't work towards it and how to be a better person in life individually, if God is to elevate you through a man,  he must see your hustle,  you don't just sit down and expect miracle.  

I just want to charge the ladies,  especially those that depend on men for survival. If there is something like broke guys,  then there is something like broke ladies too,  but we don't see the ladies side, you're too beautiful doesn't mean you should not work, You're too soft doesn't deny you of achieving your destiny in life. God shared this thing equally, don't be confused, even if you're to depend on a man,  you should work on your life too, train yourself ahead of your future. However you cant deny the joy it brings as a lady when you worked really hard and earned your money,  when you're a boss of your own,  you shall control men, you will dominate many,  you won't go into dirty acts for money,  you don't depend on any man to live, men will respect you,  just anyhow men will not approach you because they know your height and standard,  you will be able to make a good selection of the best man for you at your standard, and ultimately you have just earned your children the best future ever. Now your children would not need to struggle to make it in life because of the legacy they have met from the parents.

They are so many successful women out there,  learn from them.

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