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Thursday, 3 May 2018


Chapter 43

    Katie made sure she closed the door tightly before gently going to sit down and taking her phone out, she put it on video recorder to record what Mr Stiles had to say. Her heart was beating fast, this man knew what she had been trying to find out for long, how? What did he know? Only one way to find out. "Who is Curtis? And why do you say you know who killed him and why my father was framed?" Katie asked, getting impatient. The man shared the same feeling, he might say he wasn't scared of death but in a way he was, he wanted to rush everything out obviously before he was killed. Well, Katie would never let him die, she would do her best to protect him. "Curtis Jefferson is Veronica or Georgina's late husband whom she killed herself and to get blood out of her hands, decided to frame Henry Laurens and his wife, Regina for it. I was an eye witness and everything happened right before my eyes. This is the main reason Georgina is after my life and wants to kill me because I am the only one left to expose her secrets after killing both Henry and Regina. She had made an attempt on my life already by pushing my car down the cliff with the hope that I would die with her secrets, that was after she kidnapped my wife and pretended to be her. She is a terrible woman Katie and she would stop at nothing to get what she wants." Cameron said. He was forcing himself to speak, determined to let everything out before he either lost his breathing or something else happened. "So Mr Stiles, what and what did you see?" Katie asked him, more for her curiosity than for the sake of the evidence they were making.
     "Let me start with the story so you will understand perfectly." He swallowed. "They are three sisters, the story of their lives, only them could tell you, but I know they separated. It was after they separated due to property and all that, I married Vanessa. The three sisters stayed separately for a while, but coincidentally, their husbands knew one another. I, Regina's husband Henry Laurens, and Veronica's husband Curtis Jefferson were business partners and close friends. I wouldn't say much about my being friends with Henry but Curtis was for sure my close friend. We didn't know our wives were sisters until later when Vanessa told me everything about Veronica and how Regina was only their adopted sister. That's how we all were related without our wives settling their differences. Curtis found out about Veronica from my wife and since then, his marriage with Veronica hadn't been the same. Veronica blamed her for that and maybe that was the reason she kidnapped her. Curtis became extremely watchful with Veronica, monitoring her every move so she wouldn't do anything to her sisters for the wealth. Even I kept my distance. Then one day Curtis called me to meet at a bar where his wife couldn't find us, I obliged and went to see him because he said it was extremely important. That was where he told me about what he found out about Veronica. She was planning on getting all the wealth and fortune from Regina and her husband and the only way she could get that was by killing them, she wanted to kill both husband and wife. This scared Curtis a lot that he didn't know what to do. I was also scared because part of the property was in my care also, she might come after mine and my wife's lives, maybe our little kid too, Frederick. Curtis was terrified of his wife and he must have shown it in his behaviour at his house because Veronica found out in no time that he knew something. For Veronica to plan to kill her own sister even if adopted, much more him, Curtis, her husband. This was what scared Curtis that Veronica might be after his life since he knew her secrets, he decided to warn Regina and her husband fast so they could protect themselves and their little baby, you." Cameron smiled wearily, obviously still forcing himself to speak, faintly but determinedly. Katie paid close attention, not taking her eyes away from the man.
    "He planned to meet them at a field in the night, he informed me and asked me to pay close attention to Veronica so she wouldn't come after him before he had told them. I was watching her all night. But I think she already knew Curtis was meeting the Laurens, suddenly, she left her house and started driving in the direction, I followed her. I never let her off my sight all night, I followed her till she got to the field. There I saw Curtis walking towards Henry. At the moment I thought it was only Henry that was there, coming to meet Curtis but far behind, I saw Regina waiting too. Guessed Henry had told her to stay behind so he could hear what Curtis had to say. Curtis met with Henry for some minutes, I doubt if he was able to tell him anything. Then I heard a gunshot, it pierced through my ears. I strained to look at who Veronica shot, it was Curtis, her own husband. She had shot her own husband in cold blood. The crazy thing is, she had wanted to shoot Henry so he wouldn't be able to hear anything but Curtis had gotten in the way, I could see the fear in her eyes when she realized she had shot her own husband. She was frightened, I could see her hands shake in disbelieve. Just then, I saw her take a picture of the incident where Henry was trying to help Curtis, I knew right then what she was about to do, she was going to frame Henry, that was when I quickly took pictures of her on the field, holding the gun and sweats of perspiration all over her face. Guess she saw me take them. She looked in my direction and saw me. She got more scared and started walking towards me, that was when I ran to my car. I left the scene but not before I saw Veronica going back there, pretending as if she just arrived, trying to save her husband and shouting at Henry. That was how she framed Henry for everything, something he did not do." Cameron explained. Katie sighed, it was a great relief to know that her parents would never kill and they didn't kill anyone, they were just being blamed for a crime they didn't commit, Georgina did everything and just for wealth? She knew her parents were not like that, she just knew it. They had been murdered and accused innocently. This was all the evidence she needed to send the bitch to jail. Katie proceeded to turn off the recorder but Cameron stopped her. "What's that?" She asked. "I am not through."
    He continued. "Told you Veronica saw me, she did and she knew I had evidence against her, she came after me then. She threatened and blackmailed me. It was later she sent assassins to kill Regina and Henry, she was still after the wealth. She killed them and no one had any proof against her, that woman is smart I tell you. It was because of the evidence I had she kidnapped my wife I think, she used her to threaten me to give her the evidence, but I didn't. Someone had to put her to book. It was the same reason she came to live with me and my son and terrorized us, hoping to make me give up even after faking my wife's death. When she saw that I wasn't going to give her anything, she decided to leave, or maybe that was when she decided to kill me. Because when I found out Vanessa was still alive, I went after her and traced where she could possibly be, that was when Veronica used her car to push mine off the cliff during my search. I would have died, but someone came to save me. That's the reason I am handicapped, the accident was ghastly, too ghastly and horrible." Cameron started crying. Katie's heart bumped, she felt sorry for the man. He became disabled while trying to protect the evidence he had against Georgina. She wouldn't allow his sacrifice to be in vain, never, she would avenge him and give him his happy life back even if she won't be able to cure his disability, she would bring both his son and wife back, she promised herself. "Its okay Cameron, we are going to make her pay for all she has done, but we all have to stay strong together, okay?" Katie tried to console. "You won't understand young lady, the terror of falling that high. I was just moving and the next thing, I saw her damn car, she raced towards me and hit my car off." Cameron continued weeping. Well, that was a hit. The security footage must have everything that happened on it can't it? It could also be an evidence and even if it won't be able to see the face of the pusher, it would at least catch the plate number. Katie smiled. They still hadn't viewed the evidence she hacked from the police department, the one they were about to view before the news of Fred's disappearance came to her hearing. That one would back Cameron's confession up and the evidence Cameron had. Oh yeah, she couldn't wait to inform Tony about all of this, they have gathered some evidence and God helped them they would get more. Vanessa's confession would be relevant too after they have saved her which she was sure they would. Georgina was going down! She switched off the recorder and put her phone in her purse, not after sending the recordings to Tony, Frank, her laptop and two other gadgets, she couldn't help loosing an evidence as important as that. She stood up to leave, she needed to get the man safe, she would have to take him out of town for now. If there was nothing Fred would appreciate her for, he would surely be happy she kept his father safe. "Lady, the evidence is buried underground right in front of your father's grave. Please get justice for their death." Cameron said. Tears dropped from Katie's eyes, they started rushing but she quickly cleaned them. She smiled at Cameron. "Thanks, and yes, I will." She left then. She ran to her car crying profusely. She remembered her parents. Oh gosh, she couldn't help but do. Their lives had been cut short. All for a crime they didn't commit. She had been kept an orphan, tormented during her childhood and punished for what she didn't do. She remembered when her mother would always take her out for a walk every morning, how she helped her carry first in all her competitions, how she would leave everything she was doing just to meet her if a pin hurt her. She would always come to wake her up every morning and played with her. They had always been together. And dad, many men would leave the responsibility of the children to their wives but dad never did, he was always there for her when she needed him, he helped her win the dad and daughter competition. They were the best parents, they really were. Katie cried hard while in the car again. She had suffered a lot, it was just too much, too much.
    She finally wiped her tears and drove off. She needed to get passports and book their flights. She would need to use another name for both she and Cameron so Georgina wouldn't be able to trace their location. She should better act fast. She parked at her house and rushd inside to meet Tony. She found out he was impatiently waiting for her too. "Woow Katie, bravo. You gat a very good evidence, I already made it into cassettes that there is no way we can lose all, Georgina can't get her hands on all, you did a very good job. WWooooow." Tony said immediately she entered. "We gat a prob Tony, forget about that good job. Cameron's life is in danger." She told him all Cameron said about threatening him and also told him her plans. "Then we had better be fast. I don't trust Georgina." Tony said and offered to drive her to the airport while she booked and changed names online through hacking. They were about going when a knock was heard. Oh gosh, it shouldn't be who she thinks it is, Katie thought before opening the door but it wasn't Georgina, it was the police. What were they doing here? If they were gonna come to her house, why ask her to be the one breaking the news to Cameron? Well, it was to her own benefits. "Hey, going somewhere?" One of the policemen, the one she worked with on the search for Fred asked. "Oh hey Mr Hudson, sure, obviously I am." Katie replied, ignoring the obnoxious looks from the four men that came to invade her house. "Running away maybe?" Hudson asked again. "Excuse me......" Katie was about to take offence before she was interrupted by Hudson. "Miss Katie Laurens, you are under arrest for the disappearance of Mr Frederick Stiles and the death of Mr Cameron Stiles." Katie's heart dropped.


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