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Sunday, 6 May 2018


Chapter 44

    Katie sat down quietly on a bench at the police station with her left hand cuffed to the iron beside her. She couldn't think properly. Georgina was framing her for this? Like for real. For what she herself had done. That woman is impossible. But Katie just smiled, she smiled hard. Her downfall was approaching and Katie would enjoy it to the core. She would enjoy disgracing Georgina in public, she would make her popular right before she was hanged to death. Katie had plans, she really did. It might be brutal and crazy but Katie was past caring, especially not for horrible animals like Georgina. She didn't feel anymore and all her head seemed to think was revenge, revenge, revenge. Georgina would suffer and be disgraced right before she was convicted or maybe killed. Katie didn't want an easy death for her, she wanted her to serve life imprisonment with a special kind of hard labour and she intended on spending any amount to make that happen. It was a matter of time. And Wayne, oh Wayne. For all what he had done to her, he would receive double, Katie had plans for him too, a very bad 'insane' plan. Katie smiled hard again, ignoring the questioning or many curious looks of the police staff. The place was bustling, criminals here and there, noise, lines were ringing everywhere, footsteps were nonstop. She felt suffocated. Not only was she taught how to fight in her defence classes, she was taught how to get out of situations like kidnapping and being held hostage and she could be out of there in a minute if she wanted to but she wouldn't, she couldn't help being on the run, it would be a win for Georgina, she would have to do this the law way. She was just waiting for Tony to come and bail her so she could leave this darn place and continue her search for Fred and more evidence. This made her smile again, thinking about the evidence they already had. Maybe the smile was fake, maybe she was hurting inside, maybe she was lying to herself, maybe it was all a façade. Maybe she was just using it to cover the fact that Cameron was dead, maybe she didn't want to look affected which in fact she was, only she could never cry in public. But she was hurting inside, she was going crazy, she was getting insane. He had warned her, he knew Georgina better than her and knew she could strike at any moment, it was why he was adamant not to make her leave till he said his piece. Now she couldn't protect him, she was too late and unable to protect him. She had trusted the wrong people to guide him, she had told the nurse to tell the administration about his life being in danger, turned out she herself was working for Georgina. She was even here to testify against her, saying she saw her run to her car after killing Cameron. Don't people even have conscience? How much did Georgina even give her that would be enough to make an innocent person go to jail? Katie shook her head in disgust.
    "Ma'am, someone wants to see you." A cop told her, she hoped it was Tony, he needed to get her out of here so she could do justice to Georgina. Cameron was dead, she just couldn't get that out of her head. She remembered his last words, 'get justice for their death', Justice, justice. He always wanted that. He was dead? Cameron was dead. Katie's heart ached. How would Fred react to this? How would he feel? Cameron was his life and soul right since before she met him. He had married him all his life, taking care of him, sharing his entire life activities with him, never leaving his side. He would be heartbroken, he would be shaken, he wouldn't be able to take it. He had lived part of his life without his mother and now that he was about to have her back, he lost his father. Katie blinked back tears which were rapidly clouding her eyes. Could anyone be more heartless? She ruined a whole family, Georgina ruined a whole family. The worst mistake she made, was killing Cameron, now she can't escape what is coming to her, like hell she would. "Oh hello, Miss murderer." Katie looked up to see Georgina holding a file. So it wasn't Tony but this crazy woman. She made a mistake coming to see her. "Its a pleasure meeting you. Oh my, I heard what happened, why did you do this Katie, why did you kill Cameron and tell us where Frederick is." Georgina made a funny face. "Cut it off bitch, there is no one watching." Katie smirked, knowing what to do with her already. "Or maybe Miss Veronica, would you be kind enough to tell us why you had an affair with Mr Cameron before he became handicapped some weeks after his wife was presumed dead and you went to live with him." Katie asked loudly in a way that got both criminals and officers' attention. They all turned to look at them. "Well..... Well that's normal, my husband just died too, you can hardly call that adultery." Georgina tried to defend herself. "Oh yeah I wouldn't call it that, except when you started having something going with your neighbour while staying with Cameron, Mr Robin, remember him? And that was even during the time you were going on dates with your business partner. Are you really this shameless? Despite having three grown up kids, you still sex every man that comes your way?" Katie querried. Everyone present started murmurring, showing disgusted faces and making unpleasant comments. Katie smiled, a little disgrace would do the trick. She wanted to humiliate the woman in public, she was just getting started, let her see what she would do when she got out. "What are you talking about." Georgina asked, feing uncomfortable and trembling. Katie smiled, unable to stand with her hand cuffed to the iron. "You can also tell us why you keep changing names, from Veronica Diamonds, to Mrs Jefferson, then Mrs Stiles, and now 'Miss' Georgina Huckings. Who is Huckings? Your new husband? But why 'Miss'? Oops, maybe you changed your name to get another rich man you can use and dump, like Mr Leonard? The man who you made to will all his property and companies to you so you can be a successful business woman and the talk of the town. Will you tell us how you stole away his property and came to settle down in Danpa with his money?" Katie asked again. The rapidly growing crowd murmured once again. Well, guess her hacking training paid off afterall, she got all her information through that.
    "Oh gross Georgina, you did all of this and you have been pretending all this while, you are a shame to the society, you don't belong here." Someone from the crowd said. Georgina tried to defend herself but Katie quickly whispered to her. "I have an evidence about how you killed Curtis, you don't want me to share that now do you?" Georgina froze while Katie smiled as she kept shut when another person said. "We have been living with a prostitute all this while, you deserve to be stoned to death." Well, unfortunately for her, one of her business partners happened to be present trying to bail a criminal while he got caught up in the drama. "So I have been in a business deal with a whore, darn it, I'm so getting out of here and business with you. And I will make sure others know they have been working with a thief all this while." He went out after that. "What a disgraceful woman." The crowd exclaimed. "Oh yes, that's the least of the crimes she has committed, but never mind about that, with evidence, we will all put her to justice, she deserves to rot in jail." Katie said loudly, the crowd nodded in unison, dismissing gently, but not without each one of them spitting on her, the cops in particular but families on a visit to the criminals did theirs in anger. Katie laughed loudly after seeing the look of anger on Georgina's face. "You will pay for this, you this....." She was saying but Katie shut her up. "No you will pay for all you have done. Just few people witnessed your disgrace here, but when I'm done with you, the whole of Danpa will burn you to ashes, alive!!! Now get lost." Katie told her while she walked out angrily. Let her wait and see, it was just the beginning.
   While still waiting for Tony, her mind went to Fred. Where was he right now, was he safe? Had the news gotten to him yet? How must he be feeling. Where was Georgina keeping him and what was she doing to him? She couldn't help but wonder. "Katie....." Finally, Tony's face showed among the crowd as he walked hurriedly towards her. "Get me out of here already, I'm getting worked up." Katie told him as he proceeded to sit beside her. "Katie we weren't granted bail." Tony told her, she gasped. "Why? Not like I'm gonna run away." Katie said, starting to get annoyed and irritated. "They said its a murder case and they wouldn't let go until you told them where Fred is right now." Tony replied. Oh gosh, how would she do that when she didnt even know. "What are they even accusing me of exactly and what are their reasons. Why am I a suspect?" Katie wanted to know. "There were eye witnesses who saw you walk out with Fred at the club meeting and it was on that same day he got missing." He explained. "How come no stupid eye witnesses saw me leave his car and walk to my own before driving away?" Katie asked angrily. "They also have a security footage of you, running to your car hurriedly at the clinic, minutes before they found out Cameron was dead. You were the last person to visit him." He said. Could people be dumber? How would she go through necessary procedure to see the deceased at daybreak and end up killing him at the watch of everyone and still be waiting patiently in her house? Do people kill at daybreak? And if they do, would they allow everyone to see them at the spot and know they were the ones who did it? When the fuck will the cops be efficient? Katie sighed angrily. "In order to get you out, we will need to show them the evidence about Georgina and all she has done. We will need to prove its not you who did it." Tony was saying. "No, not yet, we need to get Fred, Jenny and Vanessa from her hands first, else she would threaten us about them. I don't want her to harm them when she realizes her secret is out. If she doesn't have them, she wouldn't have anything against us." She told Tony. "Brilliant, but how will you get out of here?" Tony asked, that was the problem. She wouldn't be able to do anything if she was stuck here. They would have to come out with a plan, none that doesn't involve her escaping in the end. Just as she was about to say something, Hudson, the captain in her case, approached them. "So Katie, when are you going to tell us where you are keeping Frederick?" He asked when he got to them. "When you are ready to believe I did nothing." Katie said to him. The dude was too young for the job, how would he be the lead captain on this case. Katie doubted if it wasn't his first mission. "The evidence points to you Katie, all of it. You have been hiding under a camouflage all long. Why would you go to the clinic if you didn't have something in mind? You never went there before." Hudson said. "Are you kidding me? I got a call from you guys asking me to go give the news of Fred's disappearance to Cameron, it's why I was there in the first place." Katie told him, what was he even saying? Weren't they the ones who sent her there? "Stop trying to cover up Katie, no one called you from here and Detective Bradford was assigned to do that, not you. You aren't even a relative." Hudson said. So it was a trap after all to frame her. Georgina did it to frame her. She had been suspicious when the caller was unknown, she should have known it was a trap. "You are talking Nonsense." Tony said to Hudson. "Well, I am sorry but you have to be taken to prison now." Hudson moved to remove the handcuff. "Katie isn't going anywhere." A voice said from behind, they all turned to see Helena, looking frail, approach them slowly. "You can't take her because she hasn't done anything and all of this, is the doing of my mother, Georgina. I have proof."


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