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Thursday, 17 May 2018


Chapter 46

      Fred held his stomach tightly, he was extremely hungry, for two days now he hadn't taken anything inside. Now, he didn't need to wonder why his mother was that slim. "Take, eat it my son." He looked beside him to see his mother giving him freshly baked soft bread. The fact that it was freshly baked made him ask. "Where did you get that from?" His mother smiled. "How did you think I survived all those years? I stole this one from the entrance security man, it was part of his breakfast." Vanessa said. Fred smiled back too, spending these few days with his mother had been the best days of his life. There had been no interruptions, they both had talked and talked. Sometimes she would sing for him and sometimes she would tell him stories. Most times, she would talk about Georgina and everything about her and the other times, she would talk about herself and Georgina. She even told him about all that happened with Georgina's husband, Curtis Jefferson. Most things became really clear to him. He also shared his childhood with her and told her about Katie. He missed her a lot and he hoped she would find him quick, that's if she was even searching. He knew he had wronged her and he hoped she could forgive him if it wasn't too late. Spending time with his mother was just a big blessing. In other words, being kidnapped was a blessing in disguise. It brought him closer to her and he wished she could spend the rest of her life with him by her side. And lest he forgot, with his father too. He missed that man and he couldnt wait to bring his mother home to him. They could all live happily and get away from all this mess, he would take Katie along too, he would convince her to follow them. It wasn't his plan to take her along at first, but now things had changed, feelings were involved, he would do anything to get her back. He wished he could talk to his father, the old man would be worried about him. Well, he would bring his wife to him, he wasn't going to let anyone take her from him, he couldn't wait to see the look on his dad's face. Happiness, after a long time, maybe he would heal fast then, this was the time for him to reap the fruits of his labour.
    "No mother, you should eat it, you need it." Fred returned the bread to his mother. "My son, I have lived this life for years, I am used to it but you..... It's only been more than a week, you need it more." She insisted and he ate it hungrily. It would be able to sustain him till when the next food was brought, the next day or so. "So honey, when will you tell Katie how you feel about her, you can't hide the fact that you love her, can you?" Vanessa asked. His mother was right. It was the first time he was deeply in love and the feeling was strange to him, he didn't know how to express it, or maybe he was scared it was too late. Hell no, it couldn't be too late. This girl made him feel, she taught him how to have emotions, she taught him how to care. She was destined to be by his side, he would not let anyone take her away from him, now that he had accepted the fact that he loved her, not even Tony could do anything about it. "I will mum, I will tell her soon enough. All I want for her is to be happy, she has been through a lot all her life, right from when she lost her parents. She deserves more than happiness and I am willing to give her that. I will take you, dad, and her out of town, to a quiet and peaceful place, where we will all be happy together." Fred replied. He held his mother tightly. "It will all be over soon." She said. "No it won't, it's just getting started." A familiar voice exclaimed from the entrance door, it was Georgina, all dressed up like she was going somewhere. The sight of that woman irritated him. "Damn bitch!!" He cursed. "No foul language! Did you two really think it would be over soon? You expect a bird to come and carry me away, together with all your problem? No way. This is not a ferry tale that ends happily ever after, this is reality and you two, should be ready to die. Maybe it's a tale after all, but it's a tragedy." Georgina laughed out loud. She sure was having fun destroying people's lives. "Pathetic woman, Katie will be here soon, she will put you to justice and free us from this mess." Fred told her. He believed she would come for him, if she ever cared about him, she would. "Oh yes darling, she came for you, but not to get justice, but to be kidnapped as well." Georgina laughed again. What?? She kidnapped Katie too? And just to clarify his doubts, Katie was pushed into the room by the guards. "Ouuuu ouuuu, look who we have here, our darling Katie, the only daughter of my beloved adopted sister who thinks she stands a chance against me, no way child." Georgina said. How come Katie was kidnapped too? Did she plan to rescue him and failed? Oh no, he could bear this horrible woman's harsh treatment but won't ever allow Katie to suffer from her hands anymore. He was about saying something when Katie eyed him to keep shut. Fred looked in her eyes and he felt lost. By God he loved this woman, he loved her like his life depended on it. It was so good to see her again, he couldn't help but feel lost in the moment until he heard her ask "Where's Wayne?"
    "Oh my darling son, he will be here any moment. Thank God he found out about yours and my daughter's plan to free Fred and my other hostages and told me about it, I wouldn't have had the chance to foil your plans and kidnap you. Since you got out of custody, guess you give me no chance but to kill you with them." Georgina said. Katie was in custody? Helena was working with Katie against her own mother? What the hell did he miss? "Well bravo, guess you are smarter than me after all, I give you credit, but since you are going to kill us soon and your secrets won't be out, why don't you and your son clarify our doubts? At least we will know the reason for our deaths right?" Katie asked. What was she doing? She had accepted the fact that she would die and gladly? What is this lady up to? Fred couldn't wait to talk to her alone. "Well well, that's true, besides none of you would be alive to tell the story, I will go get my son." Georgina replied and left, leaving the three of them alone. Katie went to meet his mother. "Nice meeting you finally Mrs Stiles, I'm Katie Laurens." Katie said. "Oh yes sweetheart, the last time I saw you was when you were little, in your mother's arms, you are still as beautiful and adorable dear, my son made the right choice." His mother replied. Well, he needed to stop her before she confessed his feelings for him, he dragged Katie away. "What are you doing here?" He asked her. "Trying to save you I think." She replied. "Now you need saving, forget about that, how's my dad? Did you see him?" He asked her. The way her face changed told him something was wrong. He hoped his father was okay. "Oh no, I hope he hasn't been transfered, I told those nurses that they should give me some time but....." He was saying but Katie interrupted him. "He is dead."
   "Yeah I know, that's why I told the nurses that.......wait what? Please can you say that again?" Maybe he didn't hear well, he thought he heard her say something like 'dead', but she was about talking when Georgina and Wayne walked into the room. "Well well, we are here to answer your questions. Do quick and say your last wishes, because tomorrow will come without you three breathing in it." Wayne's voice echoed within the room. Fred wondered why Katie was even asking questions, she should be worried about her life instead, her so-called plans failed already. "Let's start with you Georgina, what do you gain from doing all of this? Why are you doing all of this?" Katie asked.
   "Nice question. I want to have all my father's property to myself girl. It's mine and mine alone. I mean, how could my dad give his wealth to a child he adopted? It's extremely crazy. I vowed I will do anything to get what is rightfully mine no matter how many lives are destroyed in the process. I always dreamed of being an actress and a supermodel, I always wanted to be a star and all of that went down the drain just because my father stripped me of his money and any cash I might have gathered for myself. He deserved to die, that's why I killed him and his wife. I thought as his daughter, be would give me his wealth, but no, he willed everything to the outsider and my twin sister who didn't care about my dreams either. How would you feel to have everything taken away from you? Your home, money, luxury and even dreams? I was left stranded and homeless. How would a normal person react to that? I made the right decision by killing Regina and her husband. It's a pity I had to kill Curtis in the process, my loving husband." Georgina explained but was interrupted by her son. "Mother you said Katie's father killed him." He said. "No, he made me kill him, but forget that son, it was still their fault. As per what I will gain, I will gain wealth, lots of it and will live in luxury for the rest of my entire life after killing everyone standing in my way." Georgina laughed her annoying laugh again. "Where is Jenny?" Katie asked. "None of your business dummy." Georgina scrowled.
   "You reaped what you sowed Veronica. You caused all of that for yourself." Vanessa cut in. "Do you know how many times dad and mom tried to stop you from going wild? You were bad right from the start. They did the right thing by not giving you anything because they knew you would squander it. They wanted you to change. They were the best parents ever and do you know something? 30% of the wealth given to Regina was yours! They left something for you, those two thought after hearing that you don't have anything, you would change and win their hearts, but you killed them instead. They thought they would change you, but they created a monster instead. Even after everything, Regina wanted to give you your 30% that was added to hers, but you fucked up by sending her fiance to jail. Regina was the most loving woman I have ever met, but you killed her too. Bad blood has been in your blood right from time, you can never change because you are not human. What a pity you are surrounded by such good people who had hopes for you, hopes which you shattered. You don't deserve to be a Diamond, I won't be surprised if you are the adopted one instead of Regina.!!" His mother shouted, he had never seen her that angry before, he had never seen her shout that way before. "You have said enough, keep quiet and prepare for your death instead, I don't care about anything you say. I am leaving town with my wealth tomorrow, happy dying to all of you." Georgina shouted back and ran out with Wayne, words couldn't affect that woman, only justice would. Now back to Katie, let her repeat what she said before, he needed to know how his father was doing. "Katie what happened to my dad?" He asked her. "Is Cameron okay?" Vanessa asked him, they both turned to look at Katie. "Fred, Mrs Stiles, I am so sorry but Cameron is dead, Georgina killed him." Katie told them. Frank went blank for a moment. She was kidding right? How can his father be dead.? Did he suffer in vain? He didn't even get to see his wife again. How was that possible, father, dead? Hell noo, this was not happening, he had so many dreams for them, he had so many dreams. What happened now? Why was all this happening to him?. "He is? Wooow, interesting. What am I living for then? Finally, I can rest in peace." He told Katie. "What are you saying?" She asked. "That man was my whole life, I live for him, all my dreams and aspirations are for him. My only wish in life was for him to be happy. I am nothing without him. And now that I feel whole with my mother, he left, what am I still living for?" Fred shouted. "Your mother, Fred you are still going to live for your mother! She is right here, and if you are this broken, imagine how she is feeling right now. You need to be a man and be concerned about saving your mother's life. Your father's death is on Georgina, but if your mother loses her life, then it will be on you, only you Fred." Katie shouted back at him. She was right, though he was not in the right mind to think well, his head was banging, his father was dead!!!! "There is no going out of here Katie, we can't outnumber them." He told her.
    "You are wrong about that. You actually think my planned failed, that is why I got kidnapped. But no, my plan was successful, that is why I got kidnapped." She said. He looked at his mother who had gone blank on the floor to make sure she wasn't affected by the news much before asking Katie. "What do you mean?" He was confused. "It was my plan to get kidnapped so I can record a confession from Georgina, right now, Tony and Helena are around here with the police, listening and recording everything, they are just waiting for my signal to strike." Katie informed him. "How come Georgina doesn't know?" He asked. "My kidnapping was a distraction for her not knowing what is coming upon her. Let her continue thinking she foiled my plans." Katie smiled, he couldn't help but applaud the smartness of this lady. Bravo!!!

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