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Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Chapter 47

     Katie turned on the earpiece planted carefully in her ear. "It's almost time, just get ready. You got the video right? Bingo." She left it on so she would be informed if anything went wrong. Katie smiled, her plan already worked perfectly and what was remaining was how she would get each and every one of them to safety, especially now that she had no idea where Jenny was. "Wait a min, you got kidnapped on purpose? You trusted Georgina on this? What if she killed you on sight? You risked your own life for me? Even after knowing the kind of woman Georgina is? That's pretty crazy you know." Fred told her. Katie looked at him curiously, he didn't care about her, he didn't love her, so why was he concerned or feigning it? Men are just impossible. "Wait a minute, first, I didn't come here to save only you, there are other two hostages here and I can't help risking their lives. Secondly, I came here for the evidence too, Georgina needs to be put to justice, I promised your dad that. And lastly, I had a plan before I came here, I knew my chances, I thought about each and every step of this operation." Katie told him. He shouldn't even think she came all the way here just for him, but still, if Fred had been in trouble, she would have come, but she wasn't ready to admit that to him. He had taken the death of his father in like a man, he had just grieved for a little while and wasn't as broken as his mother, Katie knew he felt hurt and might live with it all his life, she just wished he wouldn't blame her for his death, because it had all been her fault, she couldn't even protect one man. Vanessa was still blank, sitted on the ground, Katie could feel her pain. She had lived so many years alone and stranded without seeing her husband for once, now she would never see him alive, never again. Georgina did not deserve to see another day.
   "So madam, what was or is this great plan?" Fred asked her. "We needed enough evidence that wouldn't even be able to get Georgina out on bail even if the best lawyer in the world was on her case. We have enough evidence already, your dad told me a lot of things." She told him everything Cameron said. "We found out about your location with Helena's help and we couldn't just enter here like that, so I informed the police, with the help of Hudson, we convinced them to follow us. We scanned the place, I hacked through the security cameras and found out the hook and crook of this whole building, all the entry and exit and how we could enter and get out, where they would stay to capture all of the events. So we entered from the third story and installed our own camera, directly recording into various casettes. Then the policemen, out of uniform surrounded this place and not only that, they replaced most of the security guards, only few stayed loyal. My work was to make Georgina talk, then to see if the road was clear to strike. This building is extremely big, we didn't wanna give then any chance to escape. My kidnapping was also as a form of distraction, Georgina sees me as her only threat and if by chance she heard I got out of jail, she would be extremely careful and watchful if I might strike, but with her thinking she has me in custody, she would be relaxed and would think her plans are falling into place, she would just focus on killing us, not on any intruders. Trust me Fred, when we get out of here safely, Georgina would get no mercy from me, no mercy." Katie explained to him. Even Wayne, he would suffer twice the suffering he made her go through all these years. Right now, they just have to wait patiently for Georgina to make her move on killing them, and hopefully, bringing Jenny along. She was the only one they still didn't know her location. And her face detection wasn't anywhere in the building, maybe Georgina went to bring her because Katie knew she wouldn't wanna leave any of them alive.
    "I don't understand anything you said bout the jail part. Who is Hudson and why were you in jail?" Fred asked her. She explained everything about her arrest and how Georgina planned on framing her for his father's death and also, everything about Hudson. "Oh wow, that woman is something else. Guess you ruined her plans. I'm proud of you." Fred told her. Well, she was proud of herself. Look who she had become, a fearless and courageous woman with great dexterity. Life had taught her how to be strong and face any situation. There was no place for a weak woman in this world, no woman should ever depend on any man for anything. Women should be confident, independent and hardworking. They shouldn't be under the control of anyone, they should be smart. Katie knew her mother would be proud of her anywhere she was, she always wanted her child to become like this. Maybe their death was a blessing in disguise, because she didn't think she could have achieved all of this if she was still mom's pet. So no one should ever consider a misfortune to be the end of life, it might be a way for greater things to come. There is always a good side of every bad thing. Katie smiled now, she deserved to be happy and she would do anything to achieve that, she was strong, really strong. "We have to start preparing, Georgina will be here any moment and hopefully, with Jenny. I will inform Tony immediately and they will make a move. Get your mom to control her emotions, she will finally be free." Katie told Fred. He was hesitant at first but later went to meet his mom. Katie waited patiently.
    Thirty minutes later, footsteps were heard. Katie became alert and alerted Tony and the policemen with Helena. They all got ready. Georgina came back into the room but not with Jenny, Katie was disappointed. "Well, well, well. Look who is here. Finally, the time has come for me to reap the fruits of my labour by ending your lives. Interesting." Georgina laughed irritably. Wayne came to join her with three men who were with guns. Katie almost laughed, those three men were policemen, they were her men. Georgina was smart, but now Katie had outsmarted her. It was pure luck that she chose the policemen instead, Katie was scared she might have picked the loyal men to do the work. "Look at the three of them carefully, three bullets in each of their chests. They must not live, not even a breath left in any one of them." Georgina instructed. The men did not move. "Are you deaf or what?!!! Couldn't you hear what I said? What am I paying you for? Kill them now." Georgina screamed. "No they won't." A voice was heard, they all turned to look at where it came from as Helena, Tony, Hudson and some other policemen walked it, it was Helena who said it. Maybe she never thought her daughter could do anything or her own or she never thought she could betray her, but Georgina for sure looked shocked at the sight of her daughter. "Sweetheart, you are here?." Georgina stammered. Helena smiled. "All my life, you never for once used a pet name for me, you never even cared about me. Why now? That you are in trouble. Oh, you think I will go against them and support you? Oh no, but you sure haven't earned the tittle of the best mother in the world. Give me a good reason why I should leave the path of Justice just for you. What did you say mom? That I can't do anything on my own? I can't make decisions for myself? Everything I am is all because of you? Well, I am pleased to announce to you, that the first decision I made by myself in my life, was against you. And I am proud of it." Helena said, almost crying. It was a difficult thing to go against your own mother no matter how bad she was, Katie knew how much it hurt her. It was enough punishment for her, for this, she would not add Helena to the list of those she would punish. She would serve her term in jail of course, but nature had punished her already. "Can't believe after all I have done for you, you will gladly go against me?, your own mother?" Georgina wailed. "Nah, you aint my momma bitch, you don't even deserve to be called anyone else's." Helena replied and winked at Tony and Hudson that it was time to apprehend Georgina and Wayne.
    Suddenly, they never planned it, they never expected it. A group of Georgina's men, more than Katie had expected, entered the room and started attacking, everyone fled. Katie didn't expect those who were loyal to be that much, maybe they had gathered some more men. Katie, Fred and Vanessa fled to a safe place, hearing sounds of gunshots. They should have expected this but everything was going on well. They were in the second story now, the only way out was the elevator and only a stupid person would board it because then, it would be no way out. Katie started thinking, she hoped others were safe. The gunshots didn't stop, everywhere was noisy. "Do you think we gonna make it?" Fred asked after they peeped through the room they were in to see a bunch of them, fighting and shooting. The funny part was, they couldn't recognise one another because most of the policemen were in the goons uniform, it made the problem and anger high. "I hope so." Katie replied. Georgina couldn't get away from this, no she wouldn't. Katie stood up to go check for a possible way out. "Where are you going?!!" Fred stopped her by holding her hand. "If we stay here for long, we will get killed, we gotta look for a way out y'know." Katie snapped. "I will follow you." He said. "And leave your mom alone and unprotected? Not the best idea." Katie told him, he seemed to think about it for a while and knowing how stubborn she was, he finally gave in. Katie carefully walked out of the room. She went straight to see a narrow passage, she ran through it and saw some goons, she quickly went back to pass the other side, she accidentally went to hide in a room when a goon was coming her way, it was where she saw a window, wide enough for someone to pass through. She ran to it and looked out from it, thankfully a pile of packed grass from the field was just below the window, it would be easy to fly through it and get Vanessa to safety before calling for back up for the others. A great plan. Katie smiled and turned to go inform Fred about this when she heard a shout. "Don't move or else I will blow off your head." It was one of the goons, he pointed a gun towards her. Katie became scared, she wasn't scared because her life was about to be taken, she was scared because she might never be able to live to get justice done and all her hardwork might never pay off. She was scared of losing to Georgina. She had no protection now, what the hell was she going to do. Then, right behind the goon, a hand showed, with a gun, and shot at the man. He shuddered for a while before finally going down, Katie's heart softened just before Tony's face popped up. "You saved my life." Katie ran to hug him tightly. "Baby, I would never let you die." He said and kissed her.
   "Tony what about others? Where are they?" She asked him. "The fight is over baby, our men outnumbered them, they are all down, even Wayne had been apprehended alongside most of Georgina's men." Tony told her. She smiled, no wonder the gunshots stopped when she finally saw a way out. "And Georgina?" Katie asked. "Right here." Katie looked away from Tony to see the person who answered behind him. It was Georgina, pointing a gun to a young girl's head. "Jenny.......!!" Tony screamed. That was Jenny? His sister? Georgina brought her after all. "Don't take a step, you do, she's gone." Georgina blurted. Katie looked at Tony, his face had never been that way before, mixed feelings. He got his sister back after a long time but her life was in danger, just a step and he might lose her forever. "Brother!!!!!" Jenny screamed back. "Save me from the horrible woman please." She said. "Keep shut little devil." Georgina shouted at her and pressed the gun in a hurtful way to her head, she groaned in pain. "Georgina calm down and tell me what you want, don't hurt my sister, please." Tony pleaded. "Hmm, interesting. Well, since you begged nicely, I won't hurt her, but on one condition." Georgina smiled, Katie sweared it would be her last. "I will do anything you want, just let her go." Tony begged. "I want freedom, I don't wanna be behind bars. See this paper?" Georgina removed a paper from her bosom threw it towards them on the floor. "You both should sign it. It says there that I am not guilty of anything I am accused of and I could go anywhere I wanted. Sign or she dies." Georgina screamed at them. Tony hurriedly signed, Katie signed too and they threw the paper at her. She took it and released Jenny too them.
    But as Jenny was coming towards them happily, Tony was still opening his arms to her, Katie saw Georgina point the gun at Jenny's back, she still wanted to kill her. Katie freaked out, she screamed. But from no where, everything happened fast, Katie had no idea but she saw Fred, running towards them, standing in the way of Georgina. Katie heard the gunshot then, the first, then the second and before she knew it, Fred was down on his chest and Georgina fled. It was all like a dream!!!.


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